What do beauty consultants do and how much do they earn

While you may have heard of beauty consultants or seen them at department stores or beauty shops, what do beauty consultants do and how much do they earn? You might be surprised to discover their is a lot to learn about this industry. 

What are beauty consultants?

Another name for beauty consultants is cosmeticians. These are the ones who guide their customers and client through the steps to do make up and which products to use while applying make-up. They are likely to advice their clients as to what looks suitable to them and what they should avoid. So basically, they are the ones that you go to in case you need advice as regards looking beautiful. Beauty consultants might also have the job for restocking as they are aware of all the beauty products. They are also required to sell to the customers so naturally they would be needed to have all the essential knowledge for the cosmetic products. 

Beauty consultants are directly hired by the cosmetic companies and so end up selling company products. However, there some department stores that have a range of cosmetic products and so the beauty consultants might be able to refer you from that range of products and companies. There are beauty consultants who appear at social gatherings to have a direct relationship with the customers and they do their selling at those gatherings. Beauty consultants also work for some specific brand and sell their products on a door to door basis. 

Beauty consultants’ activities 

The daily activities of the beauty consultants include interacting directly with the potential customers. They are required to advise the customers as regards the products and how to select them.  Beauty consultants are expected to tailor their advice as per the different needs and preferences of the client. The recommended products and make-up styles should be in line with the clients’ skin type, their routine and lifestyle, face share, pigmentation and age. 

Beauty consultants are also stacked up with the requirements of meeting their sales target in the basis of which they are likely to receive rewards in addition to their basic salary. As they have to come in direct contact with the clients, hence, they are required to keep themselves abreast with the latest trends and tactics of the cosmetic world. This knowledge will help them promote their products in a better way. 

They are also required to demonstrate the application of the products they sell. So for that, they will be applying makeup on the clients. This is usually the essential part of their job. Next up, they are required to monitor the product stock and its sales. They are in charge of ordering for products that have gone out of stock. As these systems are usually online, they should be well aware of the use of certain software through which the company monitors its stock levels.  They are, lastly, in charge of wrapping the products for their clients, collecting cash or credit cards as payments. 

Requirements for being a Beauty Consultant 

Even though there are a lot of on-site training programs available, a high school diploma is a must in order to be hired as a beauty consultant. There might be some cosmetic companies that would require experience on even an entry-level posting. In case individuals want to pursue cosmetology as a working field then they might have to get a license to practice. Major skills required of beauty consultants are communication, organizational and technical skills. You could start your career in it by gathering some experience as a retail worker. They could then work on their skills to highlight their profile. The median salary for beauty consultants, per annum, is around $22,000. These details have been taken from the US Bureau of Labor Statistic’s Job Listing in the year 2012. 

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