What are the Types of Air Duct Systems

Surprisingly there are many types of air ducts system.If you don’t know what a duct system is, it’s a channel that pushes cold air throughout your home while removing the warm air. However there are many kinds of ducts, some that focus on focal cooling and they can actually warm up rooms. It’s important to understand what options you have while browsing for air ducts.

Flexible Ductwork

Flexible Ductwork are tube shaped wire coils that is surrounded by insulation and a strong mailable plastic. This insulation is very easy to install with flexible parts, easy prerequisites and isn’t as rigid as other pipes. Many air conditioning parts and flexible conduits have many prerequisites such as that crimps, curves and turns should be limited to ensure proper power from the forced air system. Furthermore, versatile ventilation  should be anchored in place properly to ensure small winding. There are many benefits to flexible ductwork such as flexible installation and affordable prices.

Rigid Ductwork

Rigid Ductwork comes in an assortment of different sizes and materials. They are usually shaped like tubes and are solid and dependable. They are the most popular and mainly used duct works, some examples include:

1- Sheet metal ducts 

These are the aluminum channels you see in large industrial building that are big enough for people to crawl through. Aluminum is ligh, easy to install and is averse to unsafe molds thanks to its non-permeable surface.

2- Fiberglass lined ducts 

These are the the metal ducts that have a fiberglass lining on the interior or exterior. This is used for office and business buildings to reduce noise. However on the downside these tend to fall apart faster and end up leaving air particles of fiberglass into the air. These can have a serious impact on the environment and people’s safety. They also aren’t conveying to clean and build up mold. 

3- Fiberboard ducts.

These also use fiberglass but in strands that are glued down with gum and covered with a thwart cover. The cooling and warming framework is very efficient with this kind of channels. However because of its fiberglass channels it’s not recommended for ventilation because they can grow mold.

When choosing a cooling duct make sure to research and talk to a profession on what’s the best option for your space. Keep in mind that sheet metal is the most reliable and versatile for good ventilation.

Good luck with finding the proper ventilation and hope this article helped.

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