What Are The Four Types of AI

Want to know what are the four types of ai? Most consider that there are fiur different ways to categorize artificial intelligence, but one common way is to distinguish between the following four types of AI:

  1. Reactive Machines: Reactive machines are AI systems that can only react to specific situations. They do not have memory or the ability to learn from past experiences. Examples of reactive machines include chess-playing computers, voice assistants like Siri or Alexa, and self-driving cars that can detect obstacles and avoid accidents.
  2. Limited Memory: Limited memory AI systems can store some past experiences and use them to inform their decision-making. These systems can learn from historical data and improve their performance over time. Examples of limited memory AI include personalization algorithms used by online retailers or recommendation systems on streaming services.
  3. Theory of Mind: Theory of Mind AI systems can understand and interpret human emotions, beliefs, and intentions. These systems can make predictions about how people will behave in different situations and adapt their responses accordingly. Examples of theory of mind AI include chatbots or virtual assistants that can recognize and respond to human emotions.
  4. Self-aware: Self-aware AI systems are hypothetical machines that would have consciousness and be capable of introspection and self-reflection. There is currently no AI system that can be considered truly self-aware, but some experts believe that it may be possible to develop such machines in the future.

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