What are the Best Ways to Exercise

As an important part of overall health, knowing the best ways to exercise can enhance your overall well-being.  Exercises that work your entire body are some of the best.  These are called compound exercises, and performing the best compound exercises can increase your health a lot.   According to your personal goals, you might want to lose fat or gain muscle.  In either case, you would benefit from performing the best exercises to lose fat and the best exercises to gain mass. Many of us want to lose unsightly body fat, so what are the best exercises to lose fat?   Most experts agree that losing body fat mostly depends on burning more calories than you ingest.  To that end, fitness gurus recommend doing any exercise you like because as long as it's helping you burn calories, it will help you lose fat.  So pick something that you enjoy and that does not bore you, whether it's running, hiking, bicycling, or kayaking.

Some commonly recommended exercises include aerobic workouts, such as running or cycling, especially where you vary the intensity, and cross-training workouts where you would do a variety of activities while you exercise.  Varying intensity and doing an assortment of activities can also benefit your workout by preventing boredom.  </P> <P>At the same time, because you must burn more calories than you ingest to lose weight, you have to be sure not to eat too much food, regardless of how much and what kinds of exercise you do.

Among the best ways to exercise, many fitness experts recommend building lean muscle, or mass, to lose body fat because lean muscle constantly burns calories, and to lose body fat, you need to burn more calories than you ingest.  So what are the best exercises to gain mass?  Coincidentally, some of the best exercises to gain muscle are also the best compound exercises.   The following exercises can be dangerous if performed incorrectly, leading to serious injury.  It is important that you seek competent advice before performing them. 

One of the exercises most recommended to gain mass is the deadlift.  This can be an intimidating exercise, as it involves reaching down in front of yourself, picking up a weighted barbell off of the ground, and then pulling it up until your back is straight so that the barbell is near your hips.  The exercise can significantly work your entire back, your hamstrings, and your gluteus muscles, providing a near total body workout all in one move. 

Another highly recommended mass gaining exercise is the squat.  To perform a squat, you position a weighted barbell behind your neck and across your shoulders so that it sits on the top of your back.  Next, you bend your knees until you have lowered your body so that your thighs are parallel with the ground, and then you push yourself back to a standing position.  The squat works major muscle groups like the quadriceps, gluteus muscles, abdominals, and your entire back.

Perhaps the next most recommended exercise for gaining muscle is the bench press.  To perform this exercise, you lay on a bench, grasp a weighted barbell, and lower it to the bottom of your chest, and then you push the barbell back up so that until your arms are fully extended.  Bench pressing exercises your pectoral muscles, located in your chest, and your triceps located on the back of your arm opposite your biceps.

Together, performing these three compound movements alone will build you an impressive physique, if your diet is adequate.  What are the best ways to exercise?  If you're looking to gain muscle, compound exercises, and if you're looking to lose fat, any exercise that would maintain your interest.

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