What A Boiler Service Does

What a boiler service does primarily is to service boilers and offer gas boiler maintenance, which is a more complex task than it might seem.  A fledging business owner looking at that kind of business should know that it requires a number of specialists in boiler maintenance (as well as the supplies needed for that maintenance), and these specialists must be on call 24/7 in case of emergencies.  In addition the boiler servicing company should be willing to create annual maintenance plans for customers. 

Gas Boiler maintenance is perhaps not as vital a service as it was in the 19th century, when boilers were so easily collapsible that explosions and ruptures were common, but even with modern-day equipment and servicing, maintenance is still an absolute must.   Gas boilers are still the primary methods of heating in America and Northern Europe, and both boilers and furnaces (the former is more frequently a European appliance while the latter is American) are always in need of repair and maintenance.

Gas boilers heat the water that suffuses through pipes and radiators, while furnaces use warm air; however, the principles (and repair needs) are primarily the same.   

What should a boiler service offer? 

What a boiler service does is maintain a staff of specialists in maintenance.  The specialists who work for a boiler service should be both registered with their state or country (there are state and national boards of furnace repair registration throughout the internet, and they offer a list of members in good standing).  Gas boiler maintenance experts should be able to do the following:

Check the boiler or furnace system for proper installation per regulations; Check boiler operation for safety and efficiency;Test boiler capacity and heating ability, based upon the current regulated standards;<Repair a faulty boiler (this last is not always what a boiler service does, as it may be a separate job for registered repairmen) if the need arises and the professional is at hand.

The annual gas boiler service plan.

Most boiler services offer annual or semi-annual plans in which the boiler is periodically checked based on a number of criteria.  At the very least, however, a boiler services professional should be able to do the following: Check the boilers condition and overall sturdiness. Test or check for leaks Test and note gas pressure. Check and maintain valves and boiler pumps. Check the appliances overall performance for proper and smooth operation.Note that the ventilation is adequate. Note that the flue (in the event that this is a furnace check) is safely clear.

One thing all boiler services should note is the position of the boiler relative to walls and other appliances.  They should check for flue blocks, ventilation problems and any other difficulties that may have occurred between visits.   A general service call should run from thirty minutes to two hours, depending on the work and kind of boiler involved.

The annual gas boiler service plan should charge a standard fee for most visits, except those where special repairs or parts must be used.  A reasonable boiler and furnace repair and maintenance fee usually runs between $85 and $150. 

Boiler service supplies

Boiler service supplies should include all plumbing, pipe and adjunctive metal joining that would normally be used in any plumbing business; in addition, equipment for the supply service should include oil burner combustion test kits (around $600) and electric heat sequencers for repairs of furnaces (much less pricey at $28).  The professionals employed should know and maintain a stock of hot water and kitchen boiler connection, as well as a working knowledge of installation for hot water and boiler services and gas water heaters.

In brief, these are the services and information, telling the fledgling boiler service owner what a boiler service does.</P>