Water Extraction Services and Equipment

When it comes to water extraction services and equipment you need to make sure that you select the best companies out there.  These should be companies that have modern technology in place and know how to use it correctly.  Experience in the industry is also another thing that you must consider quite seriously because it will go a long way in ensuring efficiency and speed.  Speed is crucial if you find yourself in a situation where your home has a leak or a flood has damaged your household items.

Some of the things you should look out for in a company that does water extraction include making sure that it can remove and store your assets quickly in order to reduce the damage done to them.  Additionally, the technicians need to be able to detect and remove mildew and mold even in places where one cannot easily see them.  The ability to map areas with high moisture content is also welcome as well as the ability to dry quickly any such areas.  In places where there has been a flood, the company should have the ability to remove the flood waters as quickly as possible and salvage anything that can be saved.  Finally, it should have some techniques that can help mitigate against too much loss due to the water damage.

Some of the water extraction services and equipment used includes equipment that can electronically detect how much moisture is in the property.  In addition to detecting the moisture content the equipment can also map out these areas making it much easier to clean up the mess.  Hygrometers are also used to measure the humidity in the room and infrared cameras, such as the IRC 3000, are used for moisture detection as well as taking some photos to provide the documentation needed.  It is crucial that the company be able to properly detect where the moisture is and then extract it completely as this will both minimize the risk of and hinder the growth of both mildew and mold. When water is being extracted from any area it is important that special attention be paid to areas where mildew or mold may grow.  When cleaning out such areas the detergents used come with chemicals that stop the growth of any such microorganisms.  In addition they use ventilation techniques as well as deodorant in order to remove the bad smell that comes with water damage and the growth of mold and harmful pathogens that may be in the air.

Not only does the water extraction services and equipment extract the moisture, they go the extra mile of drying out the floors or carpeting as much as possible.  The strategy used in drying up the area needs to be up to date and appropriate for the area that is being dried.  The goal is to preserve flooring and other structural components that may be salvageable in order to reduce cost.  Dehumidifiers are also used in order to extract the humidity from the atmosphere.  There are humidifiers for the home setting and others for different settings.  For the home, especially in the case of a flood, a low grain refrigerant is used.  The role of the dehumidifier is to make sure that the moisture evaporates and all the liquid in the atmosphere is then collected in a reservoir used for that purpose. 

In a nut shell, once the water has been extracted, the affected area cleaned out and chemicals used to kill bacteria and fungi, the water extraction company makes sure that it sprays deodorant to remove all the unpleasant smells.  It then dries up the affected area as much as possible, and using a dehumidifier remove all the excess moisture that is in the atmosphere.  Soon it will be as good as new!