Want A Cheap Bathroom Renovation Get Bathroom Tile

Its no real trick to create a great looking new bathroom if you got tons of cash to spread around; however, just using bathroom tile and a little bit of ingenuity gets you a big room change for not a lot of money. 

Most bathrooms dont need huge renovations to look brighter, cleaner, newer and more spacious; sometimes bathroom tiles do the trick just as easily.  You can get gorgeous splashes of brightness, color and that elusive soft warmth most people love in that special, but totally neglected, room all with some fairly simple bathroomtile installation.

For instance, you can create a sunken tub Romanesque look to your bathroom simply by laying the tiles along the borders of your already - in - place bathtub.  Try the same re - tiling around the shower head, the sinks and even the borders of the floor ( be sure youre using waterproof caulking for that ) . 

The installation is really pretty simple, although most bathrooms need a Saturdays work, or maybe a weekend, to complete.  As long as youre accurate in measuring, using the right waterproof caulking and sealant, and pre - placing the tiles before installment for the best total effect (make sure to let the family see what theyre getting before you install), you can save yourself all kinds of cash.  Plus, youre working on your own time, so when the jobs done, you are really done. 

If you really dont feel like doing weekend work after a hard work week, you can certainly go online and get hold of a bathroom installation expert who will charge a few hundred dollars (usually no more) to take a day and install your new tiles.  Be prepared to give up the bathroom for the day, but dont worry about losing it for too long, as few contractors faced with a tile job take too much time about it.  One word of advice: get someone close to your home if possible, so there isnt much in the way of a fuel and transportation fee when it comes time to settle. 

Better still, if a friend or neighbor is having, or has had, an installation done on his house, ask him if he would refer the workers he used, which will tell you right away if theyre good workers or not (also if hes a good neighbor or not).

What about the tiles themselves?  If you check out any home-garden store or online tile site, youll find astonishing examples of the thousands of designs available out there, in any set of color tones, shades and combinations you can imagine.  You might even hit on the newest innovation in bathroom tile, the European design the single ceramic single tiles that can be order in any combination, and that are attached to the wall, as if they were pictures at eye level, to create a truly continental look. 

What about the price?  Estimate the budget between $1000 and $4000, and youll enjoy a vast savings advantage over the guy who totally renovated his bathroom.  Youll get the same great new look at a fraction of the payout. 

So create a great new bathroom the cheap way, with elegant bathroom tile.

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