Tips on Having a Faster Start Menu

Many times, we all face an irritating delay in accessing the Start menu. This Start button offers you with shortcuts to most of the system properties and applications of your computer. This delay can be so irritating especially when you are in a hurry to access one of its properties.

Fortunately, there is a quick method to have a faster Start menu access by making a small change in the Windows registry.

You do not need to use the services of an online computer repair company to be able to have a faster Start menu. A registry tweak will be able to make the Start menu much faster by changing the default speed in order to be able to have a faster Start menu. This tweak is a process of changing the initial computer settings and this also calls for the need to back up these initial settings.

Just follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Start button and go to Run to display a text box where you can enter regedit
  • This will bring up the registry editor and look for HKEY_CURRENT_USER on the left side and when you locate it, you should expand it by clicking on the cross on the left which should take you to the control panel folder.
  • In the control panel folder, select the Desktop folder and find MenuShowDelay on the right side pane of the box, which should have a default value of 400.
  • Next, double click on the MenuShowDelay where another box will pop up and in this box, you change the Value Data to any number that you prefer starting from 0. If the Value Data is set at 0, it will remove any delay that your computer might be experiencing when you click on the Start button, but this will also mean that you will be making your computer to be close to impossible to be able to avoid activating all programs.
  • Exit the registry and reboot your pc to accommodate these settings to take effect so that when the computer is turned on it will be able to reflect these changes. You can test the speed that you have chosen and you can always go back and go through all these steps and make additional changes if you think the speed does not suit you. It is important select a number that will give you not only a good speed but a balance between speed and the ease of use.

This was a small step that you could easily perform at home without getting in touch with computer tech support team working with a computer repair center.  But, in case something goes wrong or you wish to make more changes in the registry settings, it is advisable to get in touch with a reliable remote computer support technician, who can provide you desired support within minutes.