Tips for Repairing Stucco

Stucco is categorized as a plaster that many use on the outer portions of buildings and there are different forms of it that are used all throughout the construction industry. However, it can also be used inside and there are many interior decorators that use it.For the most part, this material can last on a home for many years and it can be used on just about any material such as bricks, masonry, and even wood as long as the surfaces are rough before its applied. However, this material does have a tendency to crack and in most cases rather easily. When it dries out, it shrinks and this causes stress to cause cracks throughout and that leads many people to look for ways on how to repair stucco.

There are two types of cracks that occur with stucco, and include external and internal. Internal cracks are ones that occur from natural properties such as shrinking and drying. With external cracks, the outside elements  cause cracking. Internal cracks come as a result of shrinkage and the material settles down and once it starts to dry it starts to crack. These cracks can also come as a result of the material not being applied the right way including some areas being thicker than others.

Tips for Repairing Stucco

Before you start fixing your stucco and looking into how to repair stucco, you might want to look online and learn as much as you can. You'll want to start by noticing what direction the crack is going. If the crack is vertical, this could mean there is a structural problem with your foundation. This may need the help of a foundation specialist to help determine the severity of the crack and how to go about fixing it. You can repair these cracks by filling all of them in with a type of caulking and especially one that will allow you to learn how to paint stucco. You can use your hands as well as a damp cloth to help press it into the cracks.

If you find that you have an area that is larger than 4 feet you are probably going to have to redo the entire wall with stucco. There are some smaller jobs that you can do on your own by simply getting the materials and fixing it, but larger jobs may need to be left to the professionals.

You want to start out preparing the area that needs to be fixed by sanding away loose stucco. Apply the initial coat of the material about inches deep and then press it with a trowel. Once you notice the stucco firms up, scratch it with a rake about 1/8 inches deep. You'll then want to mist the patch and keep it damp for a few days and then apply a second coat.

The Cost of Repairing Stucco

When it comes to stucco repair cost, this can vary based on the severity of the cracks. For projects that are going to be minor or small, you can expect to pay a lot less than for projects that are going to be larger. On average, it can cost about $6-$9 for each square foot, or in general for a home or building that is about 2,000 sq ft, you can expect to pay anywhere from $12,000 to $18,000. This stucco repair cost can seem like a lot of money but some jobs are more complex than others.

If you want to learn how to paint stucco, there are also some helpful tips and videos online that can help make your DIY project one that ended up being successful.

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