Tips For Finding The Best Drapery Cleaning

The best tips for finding the best draper cleaning companies start on line.  Drapery cleaning is a thriving entrepreneurial business.  For years, people have been taking their drapes to dry cleaners.  But this can be a hassle.  Now, there are professional services that specialize in drapery cleaning.  These services come to your home or business and clean the drapes on site, relieving you of the hassle of taking them down and transporting them to the cleaners. 

It is recommended that drapes be cleaned once every six months, or at least once a year.  Drapes are notorious dust collectors.  The dust collects gradually, and often goes unnoticed for quite some time.  Usually, most people dont even notice the dust until they are detail cleaning the house for an important gathering.  By that time, the dust build up can be considerable. 

Drapery cleaning costs depend on how you have the work done.  Dry cleaners charge by the foot usually $1 to $5.  An average drapery is 8 feet wide, making the cost from $8 to $40.  If you have several drapes, this can get expensive quickly.  Then there is the hassle of taking the draperies down, folding them up, and transporting them to the dry cleaners.  This might be ok if your hectic schedule allows you to wait a few days for the work to be done.  Otherwise, you might need to consider another option. 

The best alternative is an on-site residential drapery cleaning service.  These services cost a little more, charging $2 to $7 per foot.  But, you are paying for convenience and fast service.  One of the most important tips for finding the best drapery cleaning company is to take advantage of on-site estimates.  Almost every drapery cleaning service will be happy to come to your home or business to provide you with an estimate.  You should try to get three estimates, if there are that many companies in your area.  You should compare the prices and check the references.  Do not necessarily go with the least expensive estimate, because you just might get what you pay for. 

Draper cleaning costs for on-site service should include reinstallation.  There will probably be a minimum charge for the service.  Also, expect to pay extra for any item that is heavily soiled.  These extra charges are up to the company, and some will charge a flat rate no matter the condition of the drapes. 

There are several ways to find these companies in your area.  One excellent source is the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association.  They have a business directory with contact information to help potential customers find service providers in their area.  Another source is the Institute for Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration that provides certification for cleaning businesses.  They have an international directory, and offer tips on how to find the professionals near you. 

These tips for finding the best drapery cleaning service can help you save some money.  Although it can be less expensive to use a dry cleaner, they are not always reliable.  The professional drapery cleaners have specialized equipment for cleaning drapes, and will provide you a faster turnaround time.  If you have a party schedules, and your drapes are looking dusty and dirty, you should consider contacting one or more of these services.  Compare the estimates, check references, and search for any recent complaints with the Better Business Bureau.  For on-site cleaning, you will be inviting the service technicians into your home.  So, it is wise to do your homework and protect yourself.  Draperies can be expensive, and vacuum cleaning is often not enough.  Clean your drapes every six months, and you will keep them looking their best for a long time.

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