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According to statistics, every year more teenagers are dying from suicide compared to serious illnesses like cancer and heart related problems. The reason why suicide is slowly becoming the leading cause of death among teenagers is not very clear. Even though these statistics differ from state to state, the fact still remains that suicide is a problem that needs to be addressed early. Suicide prevention is basically aimed at reaching out to people with suicidal thoughts and taking the right approach to prevent unnecessary deaths from occurring.

There are various ways in which people have tried to prevent suicide among teenagers and adults. It is important for you to know how to prevent suicides. One of the ways to prevent suicide is by identifying the warning signs early enough and then taking the next crucial step which is getting help. The common suicide warning signs include mood changes, withdrawal from usual activities and friends, recklessness, uncontrolled anger and use of alcohol and drugs. People who are in the verge of committing suicide usually threaten to hurt themselves.

If you or someone you know has any of these warning signs, you need to ask for help. There are various hotlines and chat services online which are purposely dedicated to you. You can get to talk with someone who understands your situation and is willing to give you the right direction so that you do not end up putting your thoughts into action. There are various suicide prevention hotlines online which offer counseling to people going through all sorts of crises. These professionals are experts in what they do and are able to help people who are contemplating suicide. Their doors are always open to whoever needs help and so you can contact the hotline numbers at any time.

You can also seek professional medical help if you are contemplating suicide. You can visit a psychiatric hospital and get experts to help you or someone you love to deal with the underlying cause of the suicidal thoughts. Sometimes, someone can exhibit suicidal tendencies after taking antidepressants, treatments for ADHD and anti-seizure medication among other drugs. Psychiatric conditions can also be suicide risk factors which is why the individual is advised to seek help in a psychiatric clinic. Sometimes, people have suicidal tendencies due to their genetics. That is, a family with a long history of suicide can be at high risk of facing frequent suicidal cases.

Another way to prevent suicide is to ensure that all the elements which can be used to carry out the actual act are kept away from the victim. These include guns and medications among other elements. However, keeping these things away is still not the best way to handle this problem. You should seek professional help in order to deal with the underlying problem then create a favorable environment without facilitating the victim to perform the dreadful act.

If you are a parent and you suspect that your teenager is having suicidal tendencies then the best thing you can do is to seek professional help. You need to get the right advice on how you can talk to your teenage children regarding issues they are facing in their life. It can be really hard to get through to your child but with professional assistance, you can establish a bond and prevent your teen from committing suicide. There are so many suicide prevention centers nationwide so you should be able to get help whenever you need it. Look out for the suicide warning signs and know when to take action before it is too late. Life is precious so get help and start enjoying this precious gift.

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