Small Business Rebounding After the Coronavirus COVID-19 Epidemic

Looking for information on small business rebounding? Are you a small  business owners who wants to quickly rebound after the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic?  The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is first and foremost a horrible human tragedy, that has affected millions of people. It is even having a growing impact on the global economy. The following article will provide small business owners a brief understanding of the economic implications of this epidemic AND an automated system including the tools, strategies and tips to help re-position themselves for success, as we quickly move forward towards the "new normal" for business.

The Path to the "Next Normal"

The economic impact to small businesses is and will continue to be severe.  Large-scale quarantines, travel restrictions, and social-distancing measures drive a sharp fall in consumer and business spending and will produce a recession. Although the outbreak will come under control in most parts of the world eventually, the self-reinforcing dynamics of a recession will kick in and will prolong a slump perhaps until the fourth quarter (or longer).  Consumers will continue to stay home more time, businesses will continue to lose traditional revenue and lay off workers, and unemployment levels will continue to rise sharply. Business investment contracts, and corporate bankruptcies will also soar, putting significant pressure on the banking and financial system.

What will it take to navigate this crisis, now that our traditional metrics, strategies and assumptions have been rendered irrelevant?  Our answer is to help small business owners take action NOW and position themselves for the "next normal" that will emerge after the battle against coronavirus has been won!

  • Safety - Small business owners must first address the immediate challenges the COVID-19 represents to their small businesses' workforce, customers, technology, and business partners. Safety is of paramount concern - protect people’s health, with whatever measures are appropriate to the workplace: positive hygiene habits, personal protective equipment, amended sick-leave policies and whatever else it takes to ensure health and safety.
  • Cash Management - Next, address near term cash management challenges and broader resiliency issues during virus-related shutdowns and continued economic effects. State and Federal government are offering a number of programs designed to provide cash and tax incentives. Follow up on this ASAP and fill out/submit necessary paperwork. This can help maintain your transition into the new normal.
  • The Next Normal - Rethink the next normal, imagining what the new discontinuous shift will look like, as well as the implications for how small businesses will need to reinvent themselves. You must establish a strong online presence and not rely on just foot traffic. 
  • Return to Profit - Create and quickly implement a detailed plan which will allow you to return your business to scale as COVID-19 evolves and its effects become more clear. Your survival will be predicated on your ability to address the issues listed above and implement and transition into a plan to return you to profit. We have created an automated system that has already generated the interest of over 100,000 small business owners in over 11,000 cities - and you join for free (see below)

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Once you have addressed the items above, you will be looking for ways to return to profit. The fact is many of the old ways you conducted business simply won't be effective. While things will  get a little better over time, it will be slow...and will be different. Keep in mind, even after this phase of the epidemic is over, it might come back or there might be another. Your small business rebound plan must have a solution that can withstand any of these possible circumstances. 

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