Questions to Ask When Buying Kitchen Cabinets

Buying kitchen cabinets will beautify the look of your kitchen and add value to your house. You need to quality materials and better functionality to get more value out of your money. When you are willing to put money in your home renovation, then you should have the mandatory knowledge before you go on an actually spend your money. But do you know what questions to ask when buying kitchen cabinets? The following content will guide you to pick the best quality kitchen cabinets through a few important questions. 

Cabinet Finishing 

You should first ask about the type of finish used for cabinets. There are essentially two kinds. One kind of finish or coat is called lacquer or catalyzed lacquer. These finishes are less durable and tend to wear off after a few years of their installation. They leave off dark colored marks where the cabinets are most handled and when they come in contact with water. Lacquer finish also tends to get yellowish with time. The second type of coat is called catalyzed conversion varnish. It is observed to be more durable and is chemically resistant. 

Another thing is the location at which the finishing was done. If the finishing was applied in a factory, then it will likely last for a long time as factories have suitable equipment to fully bake the varnish as opposed to what is available on the job site. 

Availability for Future Maintenance 

Next thing you should ask about is the future care and if the cabinet installers will replace a door or a hinge or a glide in the future. Pick a suitable business that has been around for years so that you still have the surety to get their services later on. This will help you get a matching door to your previous style of kitchen cabinets. 

Cabinet Warranty

The third question should be about the warranty the company is willing to offer for their installation. That is usually the factor that really tells you about the quality of their work and the confidence they have regarding their services provided. 

Ask for the Display 

Ask the cabinet makers whether they have a display for your chosen style of kitchen cabinets. You should be able to check the finishing, the hinges, and the manner in which the cabinets are assembled. 

Ask for Certification 

You should then ask whether the company has certification from the “Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association.” This certification is usually an indicator of a quality product that has enhanced durability. 

Ask about the material used

Ask about the make of cabinet exterior. You should know that the particle board is less robust than the hardwood plywood. There are some cabinet makers that use a combination of different aging components. You should ask about this combination, or else you will end up having kitchen cabinets that end up with two different colorations with time. 

The sturdiness of cabinet drawers and cabinets

Another important thing to ask is about the cabinet drawers and the roll tray, how strong are they to retain their functionality with the passage of time. You will most likely have to pay a lot to get that sturdiness as the cabinet makers would have to use a robust material and dovetail joinery. This will help the drawers endure the rough daily usage. Also, ask about whether the glides will just be dappled with the cabinet shade or are they going to protect the glides from the finishing process. 

You should ask for the probable thickness of the cabinets which would make it stand. Cabinets tend to bow down when they have less thickness. You might also want to ask the cabinet makers as regards the adjustability of the cabinets as that will give you many options to arrange the contents of the cabinets. 

The above-mentioned factors of material, finishing, and functionality will decide the cost of the kitchen. You should get an accurate measurement of your kitchen and decide on the materials and accessories you want. 

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