Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Services Are Popping Up Everywhere

Dryer vent cleaning can greatly improve the performance of your clothes dryer.  The vent is where the moist air from the dryer is released into the outside air.  Over time, the vent will get clogged with a build-up of lint.  This decreases dryer performance.  It can also be very dangerous, as lint is a combustible substance.  Add the heat from the dryer and you have a serious fire hazard.  For that reason, the National Fire Protection Association recommends all dryer vents to be cleaned at least once a year.

You will know when your vent needs to be clean when your clothes start taking longer to dry.  If the vent is clogged, then the moisture has nowhere to go.  The clothes will still get hot, but they will also still be damp.  You might also notice that the dryer is getting hotter.  This is because it is working harder to dry the clothes.  Another tell-tale sign of a clog is that the lint screen doesn't have any lint in it.  It has been determined that a clogged dryer vent can cost $20 in electricity costs every month.

Some people decide to clean their vents themselves using a shop vac.  While this will definitely remove some of the lint, it will not completely clean the vent.  This will result in a return of the problem in only a few months.  In the majority of cases, extra tools are needed.  Fortunately, you can buy a dryer vent cleaning kit from most home improvement retail stores.  A dryer vent cleaning kit consists of rods to reach deep into the duct work, a hook for removing the blockage, an auger brush, a lint brush for finishing touches, and an adapter for a vacuum cleaner.  These kits cost about $20 and represent a significant savings over hiring a dryer vent cleaning service.

Fortunately for some entrepreneurs, most people do not have the will or the time to clean their own vents.  So, a business niche is growing to cater to people who do not want to clean their own vets.  Starting a dryer vent cleaning business is easy, which is why it is growing in popularity.  Competition can be fierce as a number of companies vie for what is a pretty customer base.  This is because most people do not bother with their vents until their dryers stop working. 

Business licenses and insurance must be purchased.  You can also opt to be certified, although this extra cost is not required.  However, certifications always help when business competition is intense.  The initial investment in equipment can be as little as $300.  You could spend more if you elect to stock parts rather than order them as needed.  Also, if you choose to expand your business to air conditioner duct cleaning you might need some additional tools as well.  The cost of advertising is up to you.  You can advertise on the side of your vehicle, on classified ad sites like Craigslist, or using small yard signs strategically placed at busy intersections, if zoning laws allow these signs.

Dryer vent cleaning can be a step towards being your own boss.  Unfortunately, you might find quickly that business is not all that great.  It would be wise to reinvest some of your initial profits into training to become a certified technician to do repair work on washers and dryers.  This will most definitely increase the available business for your company.  During the repair calls, you can advise the customer of your vent cleaning service, and perhaps even offer a discount for the first service.  You wont get rich with this business. But with hard work and dedication, you have a chance to grow your small business into something that is truly profitable.