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Pavers, gravel and sand are the ingredients to a beautiful patio. While it doesn't seem like a big deal, there is a fair amount of work involved. Getting a contractor to do the job might be a choice, or some people could lay their own patio with some planning and preparation. Places like Home Depot, Lowes and other home improvement stores should have pavers, gravel, sand and other supplies that you need like sting or stakes to measure and mark off the area on which you plan on building your patio.

Pavers, gravel path and a new look to your yard can be around the corner if you have the right contractor or landscaper that can take your dreams and create plans to make it a reality, then you are halfway there. Sometimes the visions that we have for an area are harder to create than we first thought. When getting estimates from contractors for the work, keep in mind that the design might present difficulty in actually creating it, and the price quote might reflect that to some degree. Consulting Angies List can be a good way to get some information about the contractors that you are considering. The feedback is from actual clients that have used their services.

There are contractors that may use concrete pavers, gravel base and no sand for the patio or walkway.  Concrete pavers, gravel, sand bases seem to be a more stable choice, but in the interest of budgeting, the sand may be omitted. Some contractors might even suggest a no gravel base. Depending on where you live, the soil layer and drainage might be adequate to just use a layer of sand to keep the patio in good shape. If the ground freezes and thaws, then frost heaves can wreak havoc on patios without a gravel base. If you live in a climate that has winter weather, then using concrete or brick pavers, gravel base with your sand base may be the smartest way to proceed.

Pavers, gravel and sand or no sand is a debate that apparently elicits many opinions. When considering doing a patio or making a concrete or brick pavers, gravel path through your yard, do some homework about your soil type, think about your climate and possibly check out your neighbors yards or businesses that have landscaped areas on their property. If asking at a home improvement store, inquire politely if that person has ever done the work that you are considering and where they live, because even from community to community, there may be a difference in weather.

Concrete or brick pavers, gravel and sand can form a nice base that can make your pathway or patio strong. Creating an area that is fun and looks nice in your yard can be a great way to enhance your property and add an area where your family and friends can gather together outside. Some people, who do other home improvement tasks, might like to take this challenge on and will be able to create their dream space with a little support from online sites or local home improvement stores. Whether you decide to use a base of sand, gravel or a combination is up to you, but the basic process of laying your patio or path is the same either way. Shopping for the best price for the materials can save a good bit of money, and if you choose to go with a contractor, checking with Angies List can give you a good idea of reputation and reliability of the contractors that you are considering for your job.

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