Musical Instrument Repair Insurance Essential For First Time Music Students

Musical instrument repair insurance is essential for the young musician.  Music instruments are delicate, and are subject to much unknowing abuse in the hands of young novices.  Most first time band students get their first instrument through musical instrument rental from musical instrument stores that cater primarily to school-aged band students.  Musical instrument insurance is a part of the rental agreement, and should never be ignored.  Musical instrument repair parts can be hard to find, and sometimes take weeks to be delivered.  With insurance, the cost of the parts, including shipping, is free. 

At some point in every young musicians career, they need the services of a musical instrument repair technician.  Marching season can be a particularly hazardous time for instruments.  Water is not kind to most instruments, especially woodwinds.  However, marching in the rain is aninevitability.   Renting instruments from musical instrument stores protects you, to some extent, from the cost of these repairs.  But, you need insurance for that protection. 

Musical instrument insurance protects you from damage due to normal wear and tear.  Leaving a clarinet out in the rain is not normal, and will destroy the instrument beyond repair.  Marching a halftime show in a drizzle, however, is  quite normal and will result in damage that is not so catastrophic.  So long as the damage is not the result of abuse, your musical instrument insurance policy should cover the cost of labor and any needed musical instrument repair parts.

The cost of musical instrument repair parts differs depending on the type of instrument, the brand name, and which particular part needs to be replaced.  Musical instrument repair parts are not the most expensive part of a musical instrument repair bill.  Fixing a music instrument is an art form.  The work can be tedious and meticulous.  One wrong move and the instrument might never sound the same way again.  You can actually buy all the musical instrument repair parts you need at musical instrument stores, but few people really know enough to do the repairs correctly.  Besides, doing the repair yourself might negate your musical instrument insurance policy. 

That is why most people bring their damaged instruments to the musical instrument rental store where they rented the instrument.  Knowing that damaging an instrument is part of learning how to play it, musical instrument rental businesses keep a repair technician on hand to handle these requests.  These experienced technicians have most of the parts that they will need in stock, and the skills to do the repairs quickly and correctly.  If you think that you can save money by buying the parts and doing the repair yourself, you are mistaken.  If you do the repair incorrectly, you will likely do more damage that MUST be fixed professionally.  Furthermore, fixing an instrument yourself takes much more time that letting a professional handle the job, resulting in less missed football games, contests, parades, and concerts. 

If you dont have experience, do not attempt musical instrument repair on your own.  Check your musical instrument insurance policy first to see if the damage is covered.  Then bring your damaged instrument to the musical instrument rental shop where you rented it.  Not all musical instrument stores rent instruments or do repairs.  One of the big advantages to renting an instrument is the ease of getting it fixed or replaced if needed.  When kids tell their parents that they want to join the band, all the parents see is dollar signs.  Music lessons, instrument rental, and instrument repair are just the tip of the iceberg.  A good rental insurance policy can help to alleviate those concerns, and make the idea of having a kid in the band much more palatable.