Muffler Repair Tips Costs and Techniques

Muffler Repair is not much fun, especially when the muffler is hot.  Mufflers will fail for a number of reasons.  If there is a lot of noise coming from the muffler, check first to see if it is still attached properly to the exhaust.  Sometimes the problem is just broken straps, while other times the entire muffler will need to be replaced.  If you need a new muffler, you probably want to find a muffler repair shop.  If not, then there is a chance you can fix it yourself with a muffler repair kit, which is also available at a muffler repair shop.  Remember, if fixing your muffler on your own, to let the car cool down first for at least one hour.  

Muffler repair cost generally differs according to the type and size of the vehicle.  The cost at most muffler repair shops for replacing a muffler on a passenger car is from $255 to $380.  You can lower your muffler repair cost substantially by using aftermarket parts.  These parts drop the muffler repair cost for a passenger car to $110 to $280.  For a minivan, truck, or SUV, aftermarket prices for muffler repair runs from $346 to $550.  Using original parts, you will pay $120 to $330,  

Muffler repair shops will quote prices that include any needed additional parts, labor, and a limited warranty.  Original parts cost more, but they are recommended by most experts because using aftermarket parts has proven to be unreliable in many cases.  If the muffler is a dealer only part, then the muffler repair shop will have to order the part, which can then take several days to arrive.  

When the muffler is only slightly damaged or suffering from corrosion, you might be able to avoid the muffler repair shops altogether and do the repair yourself with the help of a muffler repair kit.  A muffler repair kit has everything you need to fix splits and cracks in the muffler, exhaust pipes, and tail pipe.  You can find a muffler repair kit on line, at most big box retailers, an auto shop, or a muffler repair shop.  If you are mechanically inclined, and have a car jack that can lift the car high enough for you to work comfortably underneath, then using a muffler repair kit can save you a substantial amount of money. 

There are muffler repair shops in almost every small town.  They offer this specialized service because many auto repair shops do not offer muffler repair.  If you have an auto shop that you trust, they are a great source for a referral.  Otherwise, you can call the closest muffler repair shop and ask for a quote over the phone.  If you dont have a muffler repair shop in your town, then look for an auto repair shop that offers exhaust service. 

Some muffler repair specialists, like Midas, will frequently offer discounts that can help you save significantly on your muffler repair cost.  These coupons or promotions usually offer savings of up to 10%.  This can be fairly significant, depending on the extent of the repair.  It is easy to tell when your muffler needs service.  You will hear a loud hiss, boom, or rattle.  Damaged mufflers increase your vehicles carbon footprint, and can cause your service engine light to come on.  IN some models, that light can eventually shut the car down until it is fixed.  To prevent these problems, take your car in for an oil change on a regular basis, and pay for the systems check.  The mechanic will spot any potential issues with your exhaust system before they become a significant problem.

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