Mirror Installation and Replacement Tips

Mirrors are an important piece of equipment to have. You can use mirrors at home, office or car. Mirrors are however made of fragile glass. They can be broken when they are thumped or bumped. You must know how to take care of your mirrors as they can serve a big role. In the homes, you can use them to see how well you have groomed yourself before you go out to the world. In the car, mirrors are important in preventing the occurrence of accidents, as you will be able to see behind you when you are driving. Before you use a mirror, you should have the basic mirror installation and replacement tips.

These tips will help you to save the costs of hiring someone to do it for you. Before you start the installation, you must have the necessary equipment. The first thing to have is the mirror itself. Then you can ensure you have different types of screws and screwdrivers, a cutter, a marker and a ruler for carrying out measurements. You will also need to wear protective gear, such as gloves and goggles to prevent sharp, tiny pieces of glass from cutting you or entering your eyes. You can have other types of instruments depending on the kind of mirror you want to install.

If you are installing a mirror on your wall in your house, you need to find a suitable location for the mirror, such as your bathroom wall. You will have to measure the size of the mirror and the wall to ensure that it can fit. If it does not, you can use the cutter to trim the mirror to the right size. Cutting must be done with care to avoid breaking the mirror completely. Using a very sharp cutter, you should make a single, deep, continuous cut along the line that you will have marked prior to the cutting. Then you can place the mirror on a stable raised place and position the part you want to remove slightly from the edge. Using small blows with a little hammer or your gloved hand, you can break off the extra piece that you do not need. You may use a file or sand paper to smoothen off the rough edges of the cut parts.

According to specific mirror installation and replacement tips, you may drill holes in the mirror where you will insert the screws. This should also be done with care to avoid breaking the glass. You can also drill holes on the walls for easy screwing.

Installing or replacing a car side mirror can be less complicated and time consuming than this. This is because you will not have to do any cutting and measurement. In addition, you can buy custom-made parts that have already been measured and tested. You only have to identify the type of car whose mirror you wish to replace.

For the installation or replacement of your side mirror, you will have to open the door and lower the window down. The engine must be turned off especially if you are dealing with power mirrors.

You will need to remove one paneling after another until you reach the mechanism of the mirror. The first one is the molding located on the door panel. You will use a flathead screwdriver to pry it open.

You will find wire harnesses inside the panel. Be careful not to cut any wires are they are used to transmit power to the mirror. Once you have screwed the mirror back on, you will need to reverse the process you began with. These mirror installation and replacement tips should make your installation easy and fun.

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