Marriage Counseling is also Known as Couples Therapy

Marriage Counseling is also called couples therapy.  It is often a version of psychotherapy and it is designed to help the couple who goes to resolve conflicts and to rebuild their relationship. Working on communication is usually something recommended. If through the process, it is obvious that the couple will be going their separate ways, and then being thoughtful about that decision and others can be an aspect of the counseling, as well.

The marriage counseling cost can vary from provider to provider.  Some can be rather inexpensive and some marriage counseling covered by insurance can offer couples a few sessions at no cost to them.  But, unfortunately, marriage counseling covered by insurance is actually the exception rather than the rule because it is not just a single person who is involved, so the billing is a bit more complicated.  Since counseling is not usually a long-term endeavor, the marriage counseling cost can be contained to only a few months or less.  The fees can range from seventy-five dollars per session to two hundred or so.  While that is a big range, you can perhaps find a therapist that will offer the counseling at the lower end of the fees by doing some research in your area.  Also, some therapists will allow patients to pay on a sliding fee scale or in payments depending on how their practice is set up.  It never hurts to ask at the beginning of the sessions so that you are clear about what you can afford.

Marriage Counseling or couples therapy can be done with both partners in a joint session and sometimes work can be done on an individual basis in addition to the joint sessions, if that seems appropriate.  While most people think of a licensed therapist to go to for the therapy, counseling can also be done by clergy in a church and even at rehab centers.  The type of counseling can be up to how much commitment you and your partner are willing to put into the process and your budget.  If one partner is more religious and has a connection with a minister or a priest or rabbi, then perhaps it makes sense to seek some support there before seeking a psychotherapist or other counseling service.  Many churches offer training programs for the parishioners interested in supporting others with issues.  The training that is provided for these people is not as extensive as a licensed therapist or psychologist receives, but it has its roots in the religious establishment that has offered the training and so perhaps this type of counseling may also be something to consider through area churches.

Marriage Counseling is a way to assist couples with the relationship issues that are difficult for them to work out on their own.  Learning to communicate effectively with one another, overcome issues that have developed over time and navigate some that are specific to one or both of the partners can be explored in couples counseling.  There are different venues that the counseling can be offered and so finding the one that works the best for you and your partner can take a bit of research.  Some insurance providers may cover a few sessions, but calling to find out about the benefits has to happen before you begin the sessions.  Asking whether there is a sliding fee scale or if the therapist will take monthly payments is also an option to explore when trying to afford the therapy cost. The decision to participate in couples’ therapy is the first step to working out some of the problems in a relationship.