Laminate Flooring vs Tile Flooring Best for Bathroom

By comparing laminate flooring vs. tile flooring you will know which one is best for bathroom flooring. Although laminate flooring is relatively a new invention, it has taken the flooring world by storm. This can be attributed to its benefits. On the other hand, people are also opting for tile flooring for their bathrooms despite knowing about laminate and other types of floorings. This can as well be attributed to the benefits of using tile flooring for bathrooms.

To choose the best flooring option for your bathroom, it is important to consider the benefits of each bathroom flooring option.

Laminate flooring - Among the benefits of laminate flooring include the following:

  • Versatility: Laminate flooring is available in different hardwood materials that are natural. They stimulate the looks of where they are installed and also the look of the spaces where they are installed can be improved through painting.
  • Convenient packaging: Laminate flooring comes in 8 or 10 feet planks or even longer. They are also available in different sizes which make it easier for buyers to choose what they want and install the flooring with ease.
  • Cleaning: Laminate floors have a wear layer that offer protection to the material from spills and stains making maintenance and cleaning relatively easy. Simple vacuuming or swiping of laminate flooring will remove all dirt and grit that can erode the floor and wear the layer with time.
  • Easy installation: Installing laminate flooring is easy. With the new innovations that come with this flooring option, you do not need adhesives to install laminate flooring. You just roll the sheet of the underlayment material down and snap planks of the floor on one another. Within a day or two you can be done with the project of installing your laminate flooring.
  • Health: Laminate flooring is bacteria and mold growth resistant. To make it even safer, you can treat it with anti-bacterial coatings and allergen resistant.

    Tile flooring - Some of the benefits of tile flooring include the following:

  • Water resistance: Tile flooring is resistant to negative effects that moisture has on other flooring types. Perhaps, this makes tile flooring a better option for a bathroom because the bathroom will definitely get wet. This ensures that the flooring of your bathroom is not deteriorated or have molds.
  • Easy maintenance: Maintaining tile flooring is relatively easy. This is because most tiles do not need a special cleaning agent and they are resistant to stain. Routine cleaning can be done using a simple cleaning agent and a sponge mop.
  • Slip resistance: Some tile flooring such as ceramic tiles come with anti-slip textures including abrasive grit, ribs and studs. This implies that after installing the flooring you or your loved ones do not risk slipping and sustaining injuries in the bathroom.
  • Wide selection: There is also a vast selection for tiles to use as your bathroom flooring. These include marble, travertine and ceramic among other variations. They are also available in different colors, styles, textures and shapes which virtually give you all the freedom of determining the look of your bathroom. 

Once you have known the advantages or benefits of both laminate and tile flooring, it is important that you consider the disadvantages of each to make your decision. For instance, laminate flooring has a lifespan that will greatly be determined by moisture level in your bathroom. It also produces noise when you walk on it. In addition, environmental experts express their concerns due to some laminate flooring materials that are derived from formaldehyde which can release harmful chemical materials with time. Consider such factors to make an informed choice.

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