How You Can Learn About Clock Repair

You know its time for a clock repair when your tick or tock is quiet or your cuckoo is stuck.  If you own a family heirloom, a mantle clock or even a grandfather clock, that has stopped working, there are solutions. From bringing the clock in to a store to be repaired to buying clock repair parts and doing the work yourself you can have your clock ticking again in no time. 

Clock Repair might seem like a dying art form because in our disposable world, people will just buy a new digital watch when one breaks, or replace the battery and be on their way, but pocket watches and other vintage clocks and watches are still marketed, bought and of course passed down from family member to family member.

The repair shops for clocks now probably offer battery replacement and new watch bands as well ass their repair and sale of other kinds of clocks.  Some will even do an in-home service call if you own a grandfather clock because bringing one of them in for a repair is really tough.  If you know what has broken, then maybe you can just buy the clock repair parts and do it yourself.

If you have an interest in clocks and what makes them tick, maybe taking clock repair classes is a good idea.  Not only can it be a nice hobby, but it can perhaps work into a career. Horology is a serious study and instruction can be found in traditional classes with hands-on training, online with video instruction or even an at home study course that you can order and then receive a certificate when completed.  It just depends on what and how much you want to learn.

If you want to know about a specific clock, then an Internet search or a video with step-by-step instruction may be all you need.  If you are interested in repairing clocks as a hobby or opening a store, then more serious training is in order.  Beginning with clock repair classes that can be given at a Community College you can get training to understand the basics.  A class such as this may cost about two hundred dollars and the purchase of any tools would most likely be at an additional cost.  To be outfitted with the necessary tools, you can figure a cost of one hundred to four hundred dollars.

Choosing an online option might be a cost saving move for the beginning instruction.  If you order DVD instruction, your cost can be as much as an on site class or more, but there are some online trainings that offer the video as part of the instruction and add other online services.  One additional cost may be to pay for membership to the site that is offering the class, but you may want that membership going forward anyway for resource purposes.  Your best bet is to do some comparisons of classes to see what fits your needs the best before beginning your studies.

Clock Repair can be a great hobby, potential career choice and just plain interesting to learn if you own a grandfather clock, a mantle clock or even vintage pocket watches. Training is available in online classes, onsite classes and even some free video segments on the Internet. Whatever option you choose, youll need to purchase some tools to do repairs. Once you have the training and the tools, you are on your way to your goal. Keeping clocks and watches ticking is just a matter of knowing what makes them tick. Go ahead get started now, its time.

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