How to Select the Right Doctor for Your Child

Want to know how to select the right doctor for your child? For any parent, childhood diseases are one of the most heart-burning issues. But if you have the help and guidance of a good doctor; you can easily face such phases in your child's life. On the other hand, a doctor who has a bad temperament or who is plainly inefficient can add to your woes.

So, selecting a competent doctor for your child is an important decision to make.

Type of Doctor

The first thing you have to decide whether you need a pediatrician or a general physician. If you have a good general physician as family doctor, there is no harm in selecting him or her for your child as well. You will be extremely comfortable in talking about the various aspects of the disease to your family doctor. But if you are going to select a new doctor, it is better to select a pediatrician.


After you have decided over the kind of doctor you want, you have to enquire about good doctors in your locality. Word of mouth publicity is an excellent yardstick to measure the competence of a doctor. Talk with your friends and relatives about the doctors they know of. You are sure to get at least two or three names. You can also check telephone directories and the yellow pages to get more names. Finally, be sure to check online professional resources, such as that offer information about the doctor, as well as actual reviews from neighbors who have used him.


While selecting a doctor, distance is an important factor. If your child is ill, you will obviously want to take him or her to the doctor as quickly as possible. So the doctor that you select should be near your home, for then it is easier to get immediate medical care for your child.


But the most important factor is the attitude or personality of the doctor. Ideally, you should informally have a chat with the doctor before making the final decision. Most of the doctors will be open to the idea.

When talking to a doctor, enquire about the timings and check whether the doctor will be available over telephone after regular working hours. You have to also check whether the doctor will be available for an emergency visit, if the need arises. Also, check how many patients the doctor sees everyday. Too few or too many patients will not be ideal.

If you are comfortable with the doctor and the place is nearby, do not worry as much about the fee, even if it is slightly on the higher side, it is worth the peace of mind.

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