How to Post an ad on Craigslist

How to post an ad on Craigslist is actually much easier than people may think.  You can post to the classifieds section and there is a help section on Craigslist that tells you how to post an ad on craigslist for free and with and without an account.  Other questions like can you post on Craigslist in multiple cities and how to post on craigslist with pictures are explained on the site itself, so following the instructions can help you get a posting quite easily.

How to post an ad on Craigslist begins with knowing what it is you wish to advertise and deciding how you want to describe it, what price you want for it, or if it is for trade, and if you will include any pictures with it.  Once you know what you want to include in your post, then you are set to get it on the list.  How to post an ad on Craigslist for free is an easy process.  First, you can post your ad with or without a Craigslist account, if you wish.  Just fill out the posting form and submit it.  You'll receive an email with a link to another online form that will let you make any changes before posting.  It prompts you to upload, or publish your post to Craigslist.  The ad should appear within fifteen minutes or so, on the site the way that you set it up on the form.  Should you need to go in and edit, the email with the access link to the online form can let you go in and do your edits.

Posts are generally limited to one location, so posting on Craigslist in multiple cities is not suggested.  If your posting on Craigslist with pictures, then during the process of filing out the online form for self-publishing your ad there will be a prompt to upload your pictures.  Not all categories actually allow for pictures, so if there is no option in the category that you are placing your ad, possibly rethink the description to fit into another category or opt to post without the pictures initially.  If you choose to not include the pictures, make sure you're your description paints a vivid picture so that the item will be presented in an attractive way to the prospective buyers.

If you have an iPad, an iPhone or even an iPod, then you can also access Craigslist.  Getting to Craigslist from iPad requires an app, but the good news is that there is an app for that.  You can find the Craigslist app in the iTunes Store and it is a free download.  Once it is installed, you are ready to get started getting to Craigslist from iPad and even do some things that the full site cannot do, like use a GPS locator from the iPad for areas on Craigslist.

You can get a Craigslist account that will help you to manage your purchases and postings.  If you plan on doing a good bit of buying and selling on Craigslist, an account may be the way to go for you.

How to post an ad on Craigs list is a simple process. Making sure that you post in the area that makes sense for your goods or services and that the post will be attractive to the buyers or customers that you seek.  There is an frequently asked questions page and a help area on Craigslist with a great deal of information, so chances are if you have a question someone else also did, as well and the answer probably can be found.