How to Organize Your Home Office

Want to know how to organize your home office but don't know where to start? Is your important office file often found in your childs schoolbag? Or that paper that you need to get signed, lying among your electricity bills? Or perhaps it takes you an hour to find your stamp pad.

If so, then you immediately need to organize your home office. It is important to assign proper spaces to lodge your files, pens, papers, documents and computer. Learn how to put things in place, and how to properly put together an office. Although this might seem like a huge task right now, once complete, maintaining it is easy.

Look Around

First thing, see the space that is available to you. Measure its dimensions beforehand as well as its shape to determine what kind of furniture can be of use there. Then go through your office stuff; in other words, know your requirements. How many files do you need to keep in order? Do you have enough CDs that may need a stack? Apart from a computer, do you require a fax machine, scanner, and printer as well?

Workable Furniture

The most common office furniture that is inevitably needed is a good- sized working desk with lots of drawers, a chair and a few shelves. The table can be chosen from the ones available (U-shaped and L-shaped ones are quite useful) or be tailor-made. Keep in mind the space needed for your computer, telephone, files, pen stands and a comfortable free working area. Shelves that are multi-tiered are better than single level ones because they offer more storage capacity but occupy less space. Store your files from top to bottom in order of priority or frequency of usage.

Other Knick Knacks

Though an office is a formal space, that doesnt mean that it be kept devoid of style. Get your office painted in soft hues of beige, cream or sky blue and buy matching curtains and pen stands. If youve got metallic shelves, you can always paint them with the colour of your choice. Also take care to instruct your electrician to fix wirings carefully and neatly so that your office does not have a shabby look. Place your furnishings in a manner that makes them easily accessible to you, of course again depending upon the frequency of usage. Keeping things ready at hand will give you an easy and relaxed working environment as opposed to the haphazard placing of things that causes unnecessary delay and confusion in work.

To top up, add a calendar and a clock to your table. Organization doesnt stop here, organize your mind too. Keeping everything in order in the mind has a similar effect on the tangible things. Wishing you happy work ahead!

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