How to Learn to Write in Calligraphy

Calligraphy is a fancy way of writing.  Its Greek for beautiful writing. Making letters that have fancy swoops and dips can give any card, invitation or document that elegant touch.  If you have ever thought that the writing might be too hard to learn, then perhaps looking into calligraphy classes might change your mind.

Part of the lettering quality is due to the calligraphy pens that you use.  Though there are different types of pens, they all have one thing in common; they can make broad strokes and thin strokes to form the letters.  As a beginner, felt tip pens might be good tools to start because there is no preparation to write, just uncap the pen and begin. With pens that can come in permanent or in washable ink, they can be great for quick lettering like on a certificate and the pens can be thrown away when they run out.  Other types of calligraphy pens are fountain pens and steel points.  Fountain pens dont need to be filled all that often, but they need to be cleaned and dried thoroughly between uses to get rid of the caked on ink. You can use washable ink in a fountain pen. Beware of pressure changes because the pen will leak ink if too much pressure builds up.  Not a good item to take on a flight or when it is too stormy!  The steel tip pens require drops of ink for every few letters and they need to be rinsed with water often during a project.  The experienced calligrapher uses these pens for very thin lines, fine details and hard edges to the drawing, but it may be a bit frustrating for a beginner to manage it.

Taking a calligraphy class can help you learn technique and gain confidence in your calligraphy. Many classes start with a letter by letter approach, but not necessarily a-z in order.   Learning some letters like a, o, b and p can give you practice with letter formation that carries over to other letters. This gives you a feel for the motions that are needed for the whole alphabet.  The real key is to practice once you have learned some of the line techniques.  You can also begin to understand the strokes used in other sorts of lettering, so you can attempt those alphabets without a letter by letter demonstration.  If you dont have the time or inclination to go to a class, you can learn some techniques from online instruction.  Through the use of video and PDF documents with the different alphabets, you can take your time mastering the art in your own home and in your own time. If youd rather have a book, there are also books to check out of your library or to buy at the bookstore. With the book that you purchase, you may even get some pens, too.

Calligraphy is an artistic form of writing in which the letters in words are each a work of art and together they make a beautiful display.  Many people love the fancy writing for wedding invitations and certificates and even degrees because of its elegant and formal look.  It adds a bit of class to the document or invitation.  While the art form requires practice, it is something that with patience and some instruction, most can do, at least on some level.  If a class doesnt fit into your schedule you can always get a book from the library or bookstore or online and work at home, but if that wedding is coming soon, you may want to get started, now.

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