How To Get Rid Of Termites

How to get rid of termites isnt a question that anyone wants to ask because that means that there is a problem that will have to be dealt with, and fast.  One in thirty homes are infested in the United States, so getting the termites out sooner, rather than later is the best recommendation.  Termites in the house can cause serious structural damage and it can happen in a surprisingly fast amount of time depending on the weather.  Once you suspect that there are termites you should confirm their presence.  Of course, seeing holes and squiggling white insects is a sign, but there are others to look for, as well. 

In some areas flying ants are sighted, termites fly, too.  Telling whether you have flying ants or termites with wings requires some inspection of the pests.  Flying ants have different sized wings, and termites with wings have the same sized wings.  Ants usually do not shed their wings, but termites will, so if you find wings on windowsills or other places, that maybe a sign your house has termites.

If you suspect termite activity, then confirming it is your next step.  Inspect your foundation first by tapping the wood every foot or so with a gloved-hand.  If it feels soft or there are holes, then closer inspection might be needed.  There can be some rusty brown or tan substance and that is called frass.  It is the termites droppings and youll know them when you see them. If you see signs or the actual termites themselves, then the question becomes how to get rid of termites in your house.  There are both do-it-yourself ways and also exterminators that can get rid of them for you. 

Termites in the house can become a big problem, so whether you choose to hire an exterminator or to try dousing them with orange oil, they need to stop chomping on your foundation.  There are termite baits and other sprays and the orange oil to kill off the termites available at your local hardware store, but if you are unsuccessful, or you dont want to do battle with the termites at all, then getting a professional might be worth the money. 

Compare how each service charges for their inspections.  Some will charge by the hour and others by the square footage that they will be inspecting.  Doing the math for both to make sure that you understand the pricing for each method of billing is smart.  Some exterminators will sell you the baits that can take care of the problem.  This do-it-yourself kit can cost anywhere from two to three hundred dollars, so asking about their service might be worth it. 

How to get rid of termites is not a fun question to be considering. The good news is  that the pests can be exterminated and usually without too much damage providing you have located the problem early in the infestation.  Once you know you have the critters, it is your decision as to how best remove them.  Professional exterminators will come and take care of your problem, but there are some baits and sprays that can be purchased at a garden shop or a hardware store to take care of the problem yourself.  Whatever you decide, taking action before too long is important because the longer they can feed and reproduce; the bigger your problem becomes to get rid of them.  Some areas have flying ants and they can be mistaken for termites.  Take a closer look to identify which it is. Know your bugs and then decide how to get rid of them.