How to Find the Cheapest Contractor Who is the Best

For a lot of homeowners the most difficult part of any home-building or home renovation, it's not the work and the time invested itself, but in fact, it is looking for a competent and dependable contractor for the job. The questions is how to find the cheapest contractor, who is the best? Anyone can install the kitchen cabinets, knock down walls, or retile the bathroom, but it is only the competent contractor who can do all of that ensure to demonstrate the highest quality through his\her work. 

There are dozens of stories about horrific contractors just waiting to prick your ears, who ruined bedrooms, installed faulty counters, and led the owner to cover the double the amount than expected. It is all these stories that make it more and more difficult for us to trust and hire contractors. We all work hard to gather our money and save it for the house of our dreams. 

You can never know the future, hence you will never know that the contractor you are hiring will do a good job or not. That is why you need to make sure that you check off certain things in the list that will help give you some sort of relief in the future dealings with them.

If you are doing a big project, then you will need to hire a general contractor who will hire subcontractors to do specific jobs, other than that, if you have some renovation experience yourself then it is best that you hire sub-contractors yourself.  

Know what you want

Before you meet the contractors, have some ideas and plans written down which you will late communicate to them. Don’t start off by talking to the contractors, you will have no idea what to talk to them about, and the entire situation will be completely haphazard.

Here are some of the tips that you can use to make sure that you are hiring the right person for the job:

Ask for references 

Hiring someone based on reference is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you will get a job well done. People in your neighborhood, co-workers, friend, or family members, who have had similar projects done can refer the same contractors to you. The results of what the contractor has done will be right in front of you, and you can also ask for reviews on the contractors’ attitudes from the people you actually do find reliable. 

Go through at least 3 contractors

Ask a lot of questions from each of the contractors and have a bid in writing from each one of them. Late on, compare the bids, but make sure that all the contractors have presented the same materials and tasks that will go into making your home project successful and complete. Don’t be afraid to negotiate, though you can haggle a bit during the interview, your real negotiation skills will really come out after you are done reading the bids.

The contractor might not start right away

It is the best folks who are often the busy ones. They might be completing a different project whilst they finalize the deal with you. They might come to you later, and so you would need to be patient. However, for your ease, you might ask them beforehand about how many projects they are occupied in. 

Check history and license

General contractors should be licensed. You can ask to see it, or if they have a website they would have displayed it all. Other than that, it is best to also choose subcontractors who are licensed as well. You can check out the Better Business Bureau and also the local court, for any problems that these contractors might have had. You can ask the contractors of licenses of the subcontractors that they will be involving in this project.

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