How To Find The Best Doors

How to find the best door can be a daunting task for homeowners.  This is largely due to the overwhelming variety of styles, features, and name brands.   Finding a door that fits is the first priority.  There is no single standard door size.  While builders try to make their door frames compatible to the mass produced doors on the market, the frames in older houses can vary by an inch or more.  It is very important to take an accurate measurement first before going door shopping.  The size of the door you need will narrow your choices considerably, making your decision that much easier.

The next most important step in the how to find the best doors journey is to set a budget for the project.  Doors can get expensive.  The newest doors have a surprising amount of features, including high tech door locks, which can unnecessarily drive up the cost of the project.  While your front door is your first line of defense, front door locks are notoriously easy for burglars to defeat.  It is better to spend money on a home security system rather than to overspend on a door lock that is not going to serve as an adequate deterrent to would be burglars.  Instead, look for a door with a design that matches the architecture of your home.

If you are looking for features, focus more on energy efficiency than security.  While a solidly built door wont impress a robber, it just might keep out the elements and reduce your home heating and cooling bills.  You front door needs to have a tight seal, with adequate weather sealing, to prevent the loss of air to the outside.  Dont cut corners here, as you want the door to be a long lasting energy saver for your home. 

Internal doors, likewise, do not need the extra frills.  It is much more important to find a door that fits and looks good.  Decorative elements, like molding, can always be added later if you desire.  A tight fitting interior door improves the privacy for your family members and guests.

Once you have chosen your new front door, it is time to look for a door mat as well.  The best door mats are slip resistant and weather resistant.  They can be left outside without deteriorating, and they will not shift when they are stepped on.  Unstable doormats can cause a serious slip and fall hazard at your front door.  When looking for the best door mats, search for them on an internet retail site and read the customer reviews.

An often overlooked course of information for home improvement projects is builders shows and expos.  Most cities hold a home and patio show at least once a year.  These event last three days or more, and give retailers and service providers a chance to showcase their products and services.  You should be able to find more than one door manufacturer at one of these shows.  They will have some samples set up for you to inspect, and you can meet the business owner as well to set up an appointment for an estimate. 

The key to how to find the best doors is setting a budget and having patience.  Measure the space carefully, know how much you want to spend, and do not go over that amount no matter what the salesperson tells you.  The design and color are up to you, and there are enough choices that you will find exactly what you need.  Doors are an often overlooked design element, especially inside a home.  Installing new attractive doors in your home will be a pleasant surprise for your family and guests.

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