How To Find The Best Dog Trainers

Learning how to find the best dog trainers is treacherous, because the dog trainers are largely unregulated.  Almost anyone can hang a shingle and call themselves a dog trainer.  To help sort this mess out, there are organizations that offer credentials to dog trainers.  These organizations include The Association of Pet Dog Trainers and The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.  They offer consultation, certification, and continuing education in an attempt to offer legitimacy to their certified members. 

The absolute best way how to find the best dog trainers is through referrals.  Ask other pet lovers if they have used a trainer, or know of anyone who has.  If you see a particularly well-behaved mutt at the dog park, ask the owner about dog training.  Veterinarians take classes on behavior and are familiar with training concepts as well as competent trainers in the areas.  Animal shelters will also often have a list of trainers in the area for people who are adopting animals with behavior issues.  Dog breeders who show their dogs will always have access to trainers, and are a good source of information as well. 

When you have settled on a possible trainer for your dog, ask them if you can observe a dog training class.  When you are watching the class, see if the dogs look happy.  Obedience training for dogs should be fun for the dog and the human participants as well.  Also, make sure that the trainer never uses punishment during the training process. Firm correction is acceptable, depending on the behavior that is being modified.  However, the dog will not learn if it is concerned for its safety. 

Home schooling your dog is a possibility as well, if you cannot find a suitable trainer in your area.  Dog training videos teach you the concepts that you will then teach to your dog.  Some videos come with basic training tools, like a leash, a collar, and a toy.  It might include treats, or it might include recommendations for treats that the trainers in the video find to be the most effective.  These videos are sold at pet superstores as well as on line.  To find the best videos, go to an online retailer, search for dog training videos, and read the reviews. 

One behavior that can frustrate dog owners is the pets tendency to relieve itself in the house.  Dog potty training takes patience.  The animal is programmed to do what it needs to do when it needs to do it.  They have to be taught otherwise: they will not learn it on their own.  The process must include praise, and it is important to teach some specific words like outside.  Eventually, the dog will react to the word in a positive manner when it needs to go.  When teaching your dog where to eliminate, use a leash so you can observe and reward the behavior.
People look up how to find the best dog trainers when they do not have the time to train their dogs themselves.  Dog trainers are also called when certain behaviors are dangerous and difficult to correct.  Training a dog takes time, patience, and perseverance.  The reward is a happier dog.  Dogs are happy when they obey the commands of their owners.  Your dog does not want to disappoint you, but also might not fully understand what you want.  Many dogs end up at animal shelters simply because their owners cannot get them to behave the way they want.  Dont let this happen to your pet.  Finding a dog trainer in your area will make both you and your dog very happy.

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