How to Find the Best Dog Fence

If you are looking for how to find the best dog fence, then you are probably the type of dog owner that wants the best for their dog.  All dogs need exercise.  As busy as life gets, it can be difficult to find time to exercise your dog.  A dog fence allows dog owners to let their dogs enjoy time romping outdoors without fear of them leaving the property.  Invisible dog fences are humane and safe.  They keep the dog on the property and away from cars and other dogs. 

When learning how to find the best dog fence, a great place to start is on line reviews.  Internet retailers like Amazon allow consumers to post reviews of the products they purchase on line.  They then use these reviews to assign each product a rating. When searching for dog fences on these sites, they have an option to sort your search results according to customer ratings.  You will be able to see easily which products received the best dog fence reviews. 

To learn as much as you can, be sure to actually read these on line dog fence reviews, as they can help you to narrow your search.  You might find that a lower rated product has some reviews that do not seem legitimate.  This could just be an attempt by a competitor to lower the product rating and generate sales for their own product.  You also might find that an otherwise highly rated product is not the right choice for your yard size or dog breed.

Electronic dog fence systems use wires that are stalled under the ground.  These wires emit an electric current that interacts with the dogs collar, issuing a harmless jolt to keep the dog in the yard.  The dog fence wire most often used by professional installers is a 14 gauge wire.  There are thicker wires available, but the 14 gauge allows the installer to keep their prices more competitive.  The thinner gauge wire is also easier to work with, but is also less likely to stay in place than a thicker gauge dog fence wire.

To avoid dealing with wires, you can go with a wireless dog fence instead. Customer reviews for these fences so far have been very favorable.  One problem that these fences are facing is that the boundary tends to be variable.  This is known as boundary wobble and can be very confusing for the dog that is learning the boundaries of its territory.  The dog also typically has to run further away from the boundary to stop the electrical shock with a wireless fence.  So far, the wireless fences on the market are not as good as traditional electrical dog fences, but the technology is swiftly improving.

How to find the best dog fence starts with learning which kind of fence is right for your dog and the size of your property.  Wireless fences are the newest technology, but have a long way to go before they are as good as traditional electric dog fences.  Chaining a dog to a post in the back yard can be dangerous and frustrating for the dog.  Electric fences are more humane and proven effective.  Using the on line reviews, you can learn which fences have so far proven themselves to be the best performers.  You can also see which fences, though rated highly, might still not be the right choice for your pet.  All pet owners want to keep their companions safe and allow them the exercise that they need.  Dog fences do this in a way that is both affordable and safe.

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