How to Find the Best Do-It-Yourself Car Stereo Installation

Getting a car stereo installation can be done by a store that sells the car stereos, or sometimes by the dealer, if you upgrade from the standard radio or add a stereo to the car that doesnt have one already.  It can also be done by an independent installer.  Those are all options, but what if you want to install it on your own?  Is it possible to do it without having the windshield wipers swish when you blow your horn? The answer is that some people are able to install a stereo themselves, but you need some tools and a basic understanding of the process.

First, getting a car stereo installation wiring guide is important because to remove a stereo and replace it, you need to match up the wires and you may need a wiring harness that is designed specifically for your car. You can usually find these on the Internet or at a store that sells car stereos and other equipment. You need to know the make and model of your car.  A wiring harness takes the necessary wires and places them in a plug-in that connects with the wires from your car making the installation easier.  When you go to buy the wiring harness, there may be an index to double check the type of harness recommended for your car.  These are relatively inexpensive, as well.  A harness can be as little as ten dollars and not too much more than twenty dollars for most cars.  Car stereo installation wiring usually is the most daunting part of putting in the stereo.

Next, you need to remove the existing car stereo and disconnect the wires from your car.  Usually prying off the casing that is around the radio with a screwdriver is the way to remove it.  Sometimes, this piece may be a bit larger than the stereo itself.  Just make sure that any knobs like a vent air flow adjustment come off without damage, if that is the case.  After that step, you will need a kit to put the stereo into your car. Car stereo installation kits are generally sold near the car stereos and with the wiring gear.  Dash kits are another term for car stereo installation kits. This is usually a one piece plastic sleeve or shelf that you snap or slide into your dash to make the after-market stereo look as though it came with your car. The stereo sits inside it and the outer rim provides the finished look in your car. It should come with the screws and any other hardware needed to install. There may not be instructions for this part, so just look at the amount of screws and the opening in the dash to make certain that all the pieces are there. One of these may be as cheap as seven dollars and can run up to about forty dollars depending on the make and year of your car. 

Car stereo installation can be done for the cost of the stereo, wiring harness and dash kit.  The installation can be around twenty dollars to get the equipment to put in the stereo, but you will also need to understand how the wires match up so that the sound, lights and other features of the radio work as they are intended.  Matching the make and model of your car and in some cases the year of the car, with the wires and the dash kit can help make installation smooth.  Now that you know what is involved in the installation, you can go find that cool car stereo.