How to Find the Best Day Spa

Day spa provides services that promote health, beauty and well being. Many times there are day spa packages that put some popular services in a bundle and that makes the price for each service discounted.  From facials to manicures and massage or hair services, there are many ways to pamper yourself at a spa.

A day spa prices may depend on the location, the amount of services offered and the clientele that it caters to or attracts. Offering more specialized services means that the staffs that provide them need to be well trained.  Training and certification in massage therapy or other spa service may mean that the cost of employing the person with that expertise is higher.  Another factor that may affect how much day spa prices are is the competition in the area.  In some places, it seems that you can go to a spa in virtually any part of a community. The more spas, the more competition to have you go to one spa over another.  Unless a spa offers something drastically different, this competition can result in better prices and more services bundled into day spa packages to entice customers to come.

A day spa is different from others because you do not stay at the facility like with a traditional spa.  The services are designed to let you relax for a few hours of the day with massage, facials or maybe a pedicure.  Many spas now are a part of a hair salon, so the customer can come in for hair cuts, coloring and styles and can also benefit from the spa onsite for things like a massage.  One benefit of having the salon offer spa services is that the prices might be lower than a full service spa since it is potentially a smaller space and offers fewer services.  Also, the spa services that are offered at a day spa are the ones that are often accessed or are the most popular services. 

Finding the best spa might depend on where you are located and what services that you want from the spa.  Inquiring at your salon about the services that are offered is a first step.  If they don’t offer any they know of one that they can recommend may help you find a nice spa to try.  Doing a search online can let you make a list of the spas in your area and then you can check their websites for prices and services.  Sometimes the websites will have photos or a virtual tour so you can see what it looks like before you go for your spa day.

Many spas will offer gift cards for sale, so you can buy a gift card for a certain amount and then the recipient can decide what services that (s)he want to have.  This way, it is a great gift that you know will be a hit.  Having a spa party also might be a fun way to try services that you wouldn’t ordinarily try on your own.  The spas will reserve times for small groups of people to come for a “party” and then you and your friends can enjoy the time together. 

A day spa offers services that help you to relax, rejuvenate and to feel better.  Facials, manicures, pedicures and specialty massages are among the services offered at a spa.  Enjoying a package of services can allow you to pick out the ones that you want the most and sometimes this can give a discount on the services.  If you are stressed out, why not try a relaxing day at the spa?

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