How To Find Cheap Plastic Surgery and Still Get Quality Work

Many individuals who want plastic surgery, augmentation or skin treatments, but dont have a lot of disposable income in this economy, are thinking about those cheap treatments they've heard about in Canada and Mexico.  Its always possible, however, if one can do a little fee negotiation, to pay much less here at home for plastic surgery.  Many professionals in the field are willing to give discounts yes, discounts, just like in the grocery store on their standard fees.

These are not fly - by - night surgeons with horror stories in their histories, they're fine and dedicated professionals who realize that attracting and keeping customers is a big part of their business. 

Here are some negotiating tips to get a better price on cheap plastic surgery from numerous professionals:

  • Schedule surgery during the slow season.  Plastic surgeons have dry spells like any other business. The busy season is during school, the time the child - laden housewife is freed up for a little retouching.  If she can get a babysitter and schedule surgery during the off season, she may get up to 25 percent off.
  • If the patient has a friend, they can double up on the consultation; if they want to do the same surgery together, the plastic surgery cost is drastically lower.  Theres only one set of instructions, one post - consultation and numerous corner - cutting advantages to doubling up procedures.
  • Plastic surgeons must book facilities and staff for eight hours at a time, since the nurses and anesthetists work those shifts.  If a patient cancels, the surgeon is out money, so most have a stand - by list they maintain.  If one is flexible enough to go into surgery on short notice (usually within a week), the savings can be substantial.
  • Have several procedures per session instead of one.  Many doctors offer substantial discounts to patients who schedule numerous procedures in one surgery.  Its more efficient, more convenient and a true money saver for both patient and surgeon, both of whom need fewer follow - up sessions.
  • Because they pay a credit card fee when a patient whips out his Visa, surgeons always offer a discount for cash.  Its not only about the Botox, its about the Benjamins.
  • If the patient has a pre - existing condition (such as a deviated septum) or a medical problem (such as asthma) for which a procedure like rhinoplasty is indicated, his / her insurance will frequently pick up some or all of the cost.
  • Many surgeons are also partners with manufacturers of implant specs and materials.  If a patient is using any of the pieces or implants that a surgeon creates or co - opts in manufacturing, the discounts are pretty substantial, sometimes up to 50%.
  • Multiple surgeries over time get discounts as well; there are several surgeons who actually created a surgical credit card, which the patient can only use for that particular surgeon, but which can be saved and used for procedures over time.  And, of course, some surgeons offer their surgeries on layaway, just like Sears.
  • Publicity is a draw for any business, even plastic surgery.  However, it is considered a breach of medical ethics for a surgeon to give a free surgery to a patient in return for publicity about the technique in the local media.  He can, however, give a discounted surgery, if he has a patient willing to go on camera and talk about his methods.
  • Finally, surgeons value referrals.  Send him some, and youre a friend, and a discounted patient. If these are the same friends who want to do double procedures with you, everybody gets on the savings train that way.  

So forget a trip to Mexico (kind of dangerous these days anyway).  Stay home these are some terrific ways to get cheap plastic surgery

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