How to Find and Hire the Best Asphalt Driveway Contractor

If you maneuver your driveway like an obstacle course, then it could be time to call an asphalt driveway contractor who will level, pave and seal your driveway.  As you make your list of companies to call, you should get your list of questions together.  One question that comes to the top of the list is, how much does an asphalt driveway cost?  Another question could be how long it will take until it is ready to use.

Sometimes, not too long after a driveway has been done, it gets cracked and even broken in places from the weather like ice and snow and even perhaps use of melting salt.  In this case, an asphalt driveway repair may be sufficient to make your driveway smooth again.  A repair should require less time and money to do.

To locate an asphalt driveway contractor you should consider looking on Angie’s List and also asking friends and family about any contractors that they may know because a recommended company can be one that you can trust will do a nice job and give you a fair price to do it.  An asphalt driveway cost may be an affordable way to finish off your driveway. 

To determine the cost of putting in your driveway, there are many variables to consider.  First how many square feet is it?  Does it need any structural work done such as a road base or additional drainage work?  A contractor must figure in whether there are places that need to be hand dug because the equipment won’t fit into the space.  Trucking costs are factored into the price.  How far away from the plant is your house and how many truckloads of asphalt do you need?  Finally, is the actual cost of the asphalt and the contractor’s profit.  With these variables, beware of any contractor that can quote you a flat per square foot price without looking at your driveway and considering where you are located.  A flat price may mean that you are not working with the best contractor.

In order to keep from needing an asphalt driveway repair, you should take care to keep it in good shape so it will last you for several years.  One thing to consider is that on a very hot day, the asphalt will be heated by the sun and can be a bit softer again.  Parking your car in the same place during the hot weather can cause divots and tire-tracking in the asphalt that will take time to fade out, if they do. When turning around, try to keep the car moving instead of a start and stop movement.  If you have a camper or boat, or car that stays parked in one spot for long periods of time, consider placing plywood under the wheels to keep wheels from making low spots in your driveway.

If and when cracks appear in the driveway, then it is time to seal the driveway to keep the cracks from worsening. Asphalt is places over earth that shifts and moves, so it will crack eventually, but keeping up with the sealing can keep the driveway in good shape.

An Asphalt driveway contractor can quote you a price before they begin the work.  Many variables are involved in the pricing. A quote should not be given on the phone without seeing the area because then there could be hidden costs in the project that could break your budget.  An asphalt driveway is generally affordable.  An asphalt driveway does need some maintenance, but aside from sealing it, the driveway can last a good many years.

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