How to Find a Job in Catering

Catering is a service of providing food at a location that usually doesn't prepare or serve food as a normal occurrence.  For example, a wedding reception can be held in a fire hall or other site that is not equipped with a kitchen staff or even a kitchen at all. So, to have the food for the wedding guests, a caterer is needed to bring in the foods and serve them or set up a buffet line for the guests. 

Often a caterer will hire employees to work for certain events and may have a monthly schedule available for employees to show what types of events are coming up.  Catering jobs are generally part time work, but for some hotels that cater events for conferences and other gatherings, there may be enough work for a full time job.  Depending on the type of catering company, the events and the location might be the same each time.  Some halls that rent for receptions contract with certain caterers since they know that they deliver the type of services that they want in their establishment.

Restaurants like Panera Bread and Boston Market and local restaurants offer a service where you can plan the menu and pick up the food to bring it to your meeting or event. This doesn't require a caterer, just a person to deliver the food, but it fits the definition of bringing food to a place that doesn't make or serve food normally.

Working as a caterer means that you may have the opportunity to cook, serve food and clear plates.  Washing the dishes and assisting in packing up the equipment that the caterer owns and putting away any that has been used from the location can also be part of the job description.  Catering jobs are not easy work, but usually they are for short time frames and then there may be time in between events.

If you are planning on starting your own company, you may need to purchase some catering supplies before you take your first job. Items like table cloths and large serving dishes and utensils are just the beginning.  Coffee and tea service and sometimes small stove-like heating elements could be part of the stores that you'll need to make a polished party or an elegant wedding just what your client is dreaming about. Sometimes, table settings, plates and linens are needed by a caterer.  The needs for a caterer depend a bit on where the gatherings will take place and what equipment is allowed there.  Food and other catering supplies needed for the meal itself can be ordered from a wholesale food service that may save you money over the local retail grocery stores.

Catering can make a fine job if you enjoy working with people, making and serving food and planning events for special occasions.  While there are plenty of caterers to hire there are always meetings and events that need a good caterer to make the event perfect.  Finding jobs as waiters, cooks and dishwashers in a company might be a good way to find out if you want to try it on your own.  Ads for caterers can be found online and in the paper, but could be in the halls and other locations that utilize these companies for their events.  A caterer can make or break an event with the food preparation and service.  Becoming a caterer to help people celebrate a graduation, a wedding or to eat their way through a meeting can be a great way to spend your time and get paid at the same time.

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