How To Determine Firewood Storage Rack Plans

Firewood is important when a traditional fireplace, wood burning stove or fire pit are begin used. The proper storage is important to ensure that the wood will actually burn. Storing firewood outdoors requires that precautions are taken to ensure that the wood dries and is dry for use when the need arises. Storing firewood on pallets is an easy option but firewood storage rack plans can be as basic or detailed as desired to ensure that needs are met.

The design will be determined by whether the rack will be placed indoors or outdoors and the amount of space available. The amount of firewood kept on indoor racks is typically just enough to build a few fires and keep them going while the main pile of firewood is piled high in an attempt to keep enough wood for the winter, especially when wood is the main source of heating.

Firewood racks can be placed on porches, in sheds or in a garage depending on the availability of the options. The final destination will be a determining factor in the material used for the rack. Storing firewood outdoors can mean that it is wet when it comes time to use it and will not burn making covering the wood to keep it dry important. Storing firewood on pallets is a simple solution that can have rails added easily to prevent the wood from rolling off in the floor.

There are a number of design options when it comes to storing firewood whether it is purely functional or decorative. Storage racks can be flat on the ground or go up to allow for a higher stack. The possibilities depend on preference, room and need. Taller racks will require that the firewood storage rack plans include securing the rack. The placement will determine how the securing of the rack is achieved. Metal rack would require a different design than a wooden rack. A rack that is going to sit on the surrounding structure of the fireplace would require a smaller design than one for storing the firewood outside.

Storage racks for firewood can be placed in sheds, garages, utility rooms or outside on a porch or patio. The exact placement should be a factor when designing the unit. The structure that the unit will be placed on, the size of the space available and how the rack will have to fit into existing surroundings. The design itself will be dependent on personal preference. The design can be decorative to enhance the surroundings when the rack for storing firewood is placed where visitors will be seeing it, or the design can be plain when placed out of sight of visitors.

The finish is part of the design for storing firewood. The look can be rustic or refined depending on the home the storage rack is going to be placed in. The actual finished look should complement the area surrounding it to make it both functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The final outcome should be considered during the planning.

The firewood storage rack plans should take space, desire, budget and how much wood they will be required to hold into consideration when finalizing them. The design difficulty will be affected by whether a contractor is being hired or it is do it yourself project as the skill levels could vary from that of a professional contractor. A pallet design would be simple for those with even the lowest skill levels. The overall appearance of the rack could be a factor in the design and should be kept in mind. Having a drawing done of the rack with surrounding area included could give an idea of the end result.

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