How to Choose The Best Pressure Washing Services

Pressure washing services are usually preferable to any do-it-yourself work a business owner may undertake; there are just too many factors in the operation of a high-performance pressure washerthe pressure washing chemicals, the force of the water, the maneuverability of the machineryand a poorly done amateur pressure washing may look worse, or do untold damage to a business, than a professional pressure washing job.  The concrete, siding or trim of the building may be raked, pitted or even broken; in addition, there may be a disastrous mess from misdirected water going to waste. 

After all, the businesss exterior is the face of the company, not to mention its first impression for passersby and customers, and the most attractive and modern buildings look dingy with a dirty sidewalk or an exterior riddled with stains or mildewing.  Graffiti on the building?  Theres no better ticket to losing a customer, since thats a sign to many passersby that the business itself is unsafe.  Therefore, professional pressure washing is undoubtedly the way to go, and to get a thorough, speedy washing job on the businesss exterior surfaces.  

In addition, a commercial pressure washing company will always trump unskilled workers of unreliable companies doing amateur pressure washing (and its estimated that there are about 5 of those for every 10 professional listing on the internet).  So how does one select the best pressure washing services? 

The best way to start is to find the word on the street, or more accurately in the market place.  Ask around to other businesses, especially facility management employees, and see whom they recommend; are they happy with their professional pressure washing services?  Are they reasonable in price?  Are they convenient to the business and its hours? 

Once chosen, the pressure washing service should be willing to visit the site, inspect as thoroughly as necessary and give a quote of their services.  The estimate should be in writing, and their work should be guaranteed; they themselves should display the proper certification and business licenses, carry liability insurance (in the admittedly unlikely event that untoward damage may happen) and be bonded (as reliable workers with excellent records should be the only ones working near the business, especially after hours).

The owner or facilities manager should be present at this inspection, since it will insure that the business will get only the services it needs and will pay for, and so that the management and pressure washing employees are in agreement as to the contracted services they will provide.  The pressure washers should be willing at that point to provide any references asked for; the employer or facility manager should have no hesitation in contacting these references.

One can repeat this process several times until theres a list of reliable pressure washer contractors, at which point one contacts each in turn and asks for a submitted bid on the work.  Incidentally, the lowest bid need not necessarily win; they may be low for the very scary reason that they skimp on pressure washing chemicals, work with unskilled laborers on staff or similarly cut corners. 

Once the pressure washing company has been selected, one should feel they are trustworthy and have a good gut feeling about them.  The best way to determine if one really feels that way about them is to let them do the work unsupervised, trusting that theyll do the best possible job.  

Incidentally, one should never contract for a monthly service without trying at least a few months from the company, to see if they are performing up to the expected standards; pressure washing, although a necessary expense, is also seasonal (with few exceptions, theres very little of it going on in the dead of winter), so a monthly service purchase doesnt make much sense. 

These are some of the considerations a business should investigate before hiring professional pressure washing services.

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