How to Choose the Best Jewelry Designer

Want to choose the best jewelry designer, but don’t know where to start? There are many places one can go to buy jewelry; however, choosing a great jewelry designer can often become an overwhelming decision. To choose the right jewelry designer, you need to do your homework. You see, it is critical that you find a designer that reflects your own personal style. Someone that uses the quality, style and color of precious stones which you prefer. Plus, when having jewelry custom made, allows you to set and adhere to a budget. The following tips  can help you find the best jewelry designer for you.


Just like any important decision, you need to do your research. Look them up online to get an idea for their online reputation and level of service offered. Are their reviews? What have others said? Find out how long the company has been in business and if local residents would recommend it. Also, do they specialize in anything particularly? How experienced are they at creating custom pieces? Some designers focus on ornate diamond rings and bridal jewelry, others might work only in gold, silver or maybe they specialize in vintage pieces. You want to make sure that the designer’s strengths are in line with the styles and techniques that interest you.


Reputable jewelry dealers and designers will have accreditations, certifications and tons of happy customers to verify their skills and expertise. You should be able to see on their website if they are verified by national institutes, design guilds or as fine jewelry vendors. 


Fine jewelry is not just nice to look at, but should be an investment for your family and for future generations to come. As you search for the right designer, you should look past the initial purchase and consider long-term maintenance and repair needs. Trustworthy designers will always stand by their product. Be sure that the designer you select offers an extensive guarantee for both the precious stones and the workmanship. The fact is all valuable pieces should be properly maintained over the years and custom-made jewelry might require custom repairs if it’s damaged at some point. 


This isn’t a decision that you should ever make online. Let’s face it, anyone can purchase a good looking website, but not everyone can craft a beautiful piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime. It’s really impossible to truly assess the quality of the workmanship and materials used from a picture published on the web. You won’t be able to effectively inspect a diamond for inclusions or flaws. This is why shopping for fine jewelry online is very risky and not recommended. Be sure to watch out for the other main diamond-buying mistakes.

Choosing a jewelry designer is a very personal and expensive decision. You should discuss your preferences and vision in person. By meeting with the designer, you can better get to know their values, style and work process. Then, once you’ve designed the perfect piece of jewelry together, you can personally secure the deal with a handshake and a smile.

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