How to Become an Auto Insurance Agent

If you want to become an auto insurance agent exploring what kind of training is needed for the companies that you are interested in working with is the first step.  Most companies require or strongly encourage someone to have a college degree.  A Bachelor's degree is usually the acceptable one for most jobs.  Not too many colleges and universities offer an insurance major or course of study, but other majors can be acceptable.

Many insurance agents have a background in liberal arts, finance or business.  Some may have experience in marketing or economics or accounting.  Any of these types of study might be a good basis for entering the insurance profession.  Specific training and any additional education can probably be pursued once you are employed.  In addition, to become an auto insurance agent some familiarity with computers and different programs can be very helpful since a good bit of the position is done via computer and internet.  Even if you need to learn new programs, the fact that you are able to understand how to use a computer and how to learn new apps and programs is a definite plus.

In most states, an auto insurance agent needs to have a license.  This license exam actually consists of questions about selling property and casual insurance because car insurance falls into the property and casual insurance category.  There are also state laws governing insurance and so you will need to be familiar with the laws of your state. 

Once you have the basic educational background, have passed the state licensing test and have decided that this is a career than interests you, finding auto insurance agent jobs to apply for is the next step.  Many auto insurance agent jobs are posted on the mainstream job boards on the internet, like linkedIn, indeed, monster and, but sometimes the providers themselves will have positing on their websites or even your own insurance agency could be hiring.  Checking the local papers might seem like an outdated approach, but this is also a place to search.

An auto insurance agent salary is another consideration for most wanting to enter the field.  An average for an auto insurance agent salary is near forty-five thousand dollars per year, but as an entry level employee, you may be offered quite a bit less because you lack experience.  The good news is that according the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the profession will experience about a normal amount of growth for several years.  That means that there will be jobs, but they will not be starving for people to hire, so getting as prepared as you can to compete for the jobs that are available is the best idea.</P> <P>If you want to become an auto insurance agent, then there are some steps that you can take to make that dream come true.  Going to college to get a Bachelor’s degree is an important part of the process. If you do not wish to major in finance or accounting or even marketing, pursuing a degree in liberal arts can serve you well, too.  Once you have your degree, preparing for and taking the state licensure test is the next step.  From there, making sure that you have good communication and technology skills can be a plus, as well.  Looking for positions in newspapers, by contacting your insurance agent and by the internet job sites, like monster and linkedin and others can be a good way to conduct a search.  Having a good search strategy, saleable and relevant skills and the willingness to learn can all contribute to your success.</P>