How Holiday Furniture Sales Can Save You Money

If it seems to your that furniture sales tend to happen around major holidays, you are right.  Holidays and long weekends (3-4 days) are the prime time for furniture sellers.  These times are convenient for people shopping for large ticket items, as they often take a couple of days shopping and considering their options before making such a purchase.  Buying furniture takes time, and these holiday weekends are great for providing people the time they need to make a smart buying decision. 

There are a couple of reasons why furniture stores hold large sales events on weekends.  One is because some types of furniture sell better during certain times of the year, so the stores seek to take advantage of this by driving the sales on those types of furniture.  For example, the Labor Day weekend has proven to be a popular time for buying dining room sets.  Labor Day is the last major holiday event before the winter holiday season.  From Thanksgiving to Christmas, families will spend more time around the dining room table than at any other time of the year.  Large family holiday gatherings require large dining room sets with more chairs than any other time of year.  To get ready for the holiday season, many people take advantage of the long Labor Day weekend to buy new dining room furniture. 

Another reason that furniture stores hold holiday furniture sales is to make room for new inventory.  At certain times of the year, furniture designers introduce their new selections.  To make room for these new furniture designs, the retailers need to sell off their existing inventory.  The end of the year sales are when most retailers are looking to shed their inventory.  This is why we often see furniture clearance sales right after Thanksgiving. This allows furniture retailers to take advantage of the massive consumer activity to sell off their excess inventory. 

If you do not like traveling from one furniture store to the other, you can look for a furniture sale online.  Buying furniture online is convenient for busy people who are not available to shop during normal furniture store hours.  Taking advantage of a furniture sale online has its drawbacks, however.  When buying online, you are never really sure what you are getting until it arrives.  Also, you need to be vigilant concerning a company's return policy before deciding to purchase from them.  You do not want to get stuck paying the price of return shipping because the furniture you received doesn't look anything like what you saw the company's website.

Some holidays are better than others for sales of furniture.  Presidents Day sales are the second biggest furniture selling events of the year.  Because of the massive competition for traffic this time of year, retailers offer their best prices of the year.  Everything can be found at a reduced price, but upholstered pieces like sofas and chairs are the most popular.  Memorial Day sales feature recliners for Fathers Day as well as bedroom sets and outdoor furniture for the summer.  The best prices happen starting on Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving.  These are clearance events as retailers make room for the next years models. 

By taking advantage of seasonal furniture sales, consumers can realize significant savings.  Knowing what is hot during each time of year is helpful.  Long weekends and holidays bring out shoppers throughout the retail industry. Furniture retailers try to take of the increased consumer traffic to drive their sales and help their bottom line.  The money lost due to the discounts is made up by the volume of furniture being sold during those times of the year.

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