Getting Water Delivery At Home

Water delivery companies have made in roads into homes over the years. Its no longer unusual to see water coolers in homes. Choices abound as there are as many water delivery services as there are brands. Homeowners also have the option to self-supply their coolers through local grocery and retail outlets. Services for home delivery begin with contacting a company to set up a cooler and arranging a delivery schedule. Delivery scheduled can be set at a frequency that best meets family needs. For the homeowner who can handle their own set up, most home remodeling stores sell coolers as an appliance. Resupplying their coolers involve exchanging empty bottles for full bottles for a fee.

Most water delivery services assign one delivery schedule per account.  Choice of water delivery brands depends on the choices carried by the service. Customers with more than one home or with more than one business location will need to set up separate accounts for each. As an incentive to customers, some water delivery services offer free coolers or free bottle racks. When self-supplying coolers, note that replacement bottles are usually sold at a reduced fee.

Installation for a standard system happens quickly.  Route salesmen deliver the cooler to a customers home, plug it into a standard outlet and install the bottle. Cleaning, as with any appliance, must be done on a regular basis including sanitizing as needed.

Bottleless systems require more time as its system needs to be connected directly to the plumbing. For these cooler types, regular filter changes are a must. Maintenance for cooler systems is included in the service contract. General costs for basic delivery services start around $20 per month. Costs go higher with multiple locations, specialty water choices, and increased delivery frequencies.

Pending availability, water services can deliver choices of distilled water and mineral water in addition to standard spring water. Customers can choose between such water delivery brands like Deer Park, Poland Spring, and Crystal Springs to name a few.

Slowly developing into a home appliance, water coolers now come ina variety of fashion designs including stainless steel. Many styles come with Energy Star ratings. Since coolers use as much energy as a refrigerator, an Energy Star rating represents savings on electricity bills. Water clients also have the choice of a bottleless cooler where it is attached directly to the home water system.

Home water coolers have increased in acceptance and appeal. Many people drink spring water for its health benefits. Spring water is reported to come from uncontaminated, pure underground water sources. The thought is that health and water delivery go hand in hand. If the source of your spring water choice is a concern, due diligence is needed. Talk with reps, research and make sure you get the expected benefits and that your service is living up to its claims.</P> <P>Some concerns have caused scrutiny for water companies.  News reports link the environment and water delivery. In the Northeast, theres the fracking method of natural gas drilling that allegedly pollutes water sources. This problem potentially affects spring water sales.

A second issue on environment and water delivery relates to sustainability. Producing water from renewable sources goes to the growing trend for better stewardship of the environment. Not having a source of water or even diminishing sources come to light especially in light of the drought stricken Midwest.

Third, recycling and protecting natural resources are frequently mentioned in the media. Nestle Waters maintains the watershed around its plants. It provides educational materials to promote conservation through its support of Project Wet. This is just one example of water companies contributing to sustaining natural resources. The choice of water companies may rely on their social responsibility.

Many factors influence water delivery choices: costs, ease of installation, maintenance and upkeep.  Remember, to get the most out of your water service, talk with company reps, research, and get benefits you want.

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