Finding the cheapest used auto parts and supplies

In light of budget constraints and other issues, people may decide to buy used auto parts and supplies for their cars. But how does one find the cheapest used auto parts and supplies? After all, car dealers can charge you heaps of money if you intend to purchase a new auto part, however, you will only need to pay a fraction of it if you get a used auto part. The most important thing about buying a used auto part is that you should know its function, history and mechanism well – or else you may end up paying more than you should, or actually make a bad decision. 

You should buy the auto part that matches and works smoothly with the rest of your car. This is vital if it is something that shall form a part of its exterior. Also, check if the part is in workable condition and most importantly safe. 

These are the auto parts in which you may invest and not make a bad deal even with them being used. 

Oil Filters:

The oil filters of a car can be recycled and thus reused. With proper care and practice – in compliance with the laws in your area, you can actually reuse the oil filter of your old car or buy a used one. All you need to do is to get in touch with an auto shop that recycles oil filters and you will be able to find the best buy. 

Scrap Metal:

This is a diverse term and can include aluminum car rims, door handles etc. from damaged and/or decommissioned vehicles. Mostly sold at places like scrap metal yards, you can find them in abundance. The best part about the second hand scrap metal is that they would cost peanuts in comparison to the new ones. These are available in variety and you would not have to worry about its matching with your car’s exterior.


With the recycling rate of approximately 99%, they become the most recycled and thus reused auto supply in the United States of America. Regional laws provide a binding to the auto shop to ship the batteries to the recycling centers and thus it can be assured that the batteries come out in reliable conditions.

Car Tires:

Burning old tires result in air pollution, oily run off and toxins being released in to the environment, however, as long as the tire can be recycled and reused, don’t buy a new one for your car. Tires can cost you considerate amount of money and when you have to travel distances, it is preferable to buy used tires rather than spending entirely on new ones. 

Plastic components:

These can include gas tanks, bumpers, and dash boards etc. individually, you may think that they would not cost you much but collectively, they WILL make a good chunk of money, and why should you do that when you have cheap alternatives?  Also, in this way you may get to revamp the interiors of the car while saving much in terms of finance. 

Seat Covers: 

Seat covers can provide your car a new look. Why waste much money and give it a new look only once with entirely new covers when you can spend less and change the look again and again, only if you buy used covers. 

Always make sure that from wherever you buy the part, they do not have a NO RETURN POLICY. In such a case, you may end up with a faulty part and only regrets for the fact that your money is gone! For someone who is trying to save money, the car dealership should be the last option! Hopefully this articles helps you in finding the cheapest used auto parts and supplies.

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