Finding the Best Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles so they will fit into any room and with virtually any dcor.  Even the options are varied on the fans.  Some have remote controls, come with or without lights and can be indoor or outdoor models. There are models that are appropriate for areas with low ceilings.  So, the first step to choosing the best ceiling fan for your needs is to decide what room it will be placed in and then consider the color scheme or design theme in the room.  Is it a rustic look, elegant and formal or casual and relaxed?  If you need one for the kids room consider the age of your child because one that is too cute might not serve you well as (s)he gets older.  (In this case consider the removable fan blades so you can change color or texture as you child grows.)

Installing a fan can help with air circulation in the room.  Adjusting the ceiling fan direction can help with the efficiency of your heating and cooling air flow.  During the summer when you want cool air to circulate set the fan to spin in the forward direction, counter clockwise spinning, because it forces the air down as the blades spin and you can feel the cooler air movement.  Ceiling fans can also be used in the winter to help keep the warm air moving efficiently in your home.  In the winter set the blades to spin in a reverse direction, a clock-wise spin, to force the air up and out toward the walls.  This direction will keep the feeling of a draft or blowing away from the center of the room. 

While all ceiling models boast that they can be reversed to work in summer and winter, there are some of the lower models or cheaper fans that do little to make the air flow change.  Look for a rating or review from owners who have the model of fan you are interested in buying to find out if people have experienced any frustrations with the unit. In addition to the ceiling fan direction, checking the amount of electricity that a fan uses is important. Purchasing a model that uses a low amount of electricity can be a good idea for your electric bill as well as your home.

Another aspect to consider in purchasing a ceiling fan model is the popularity of the fan.  The reason for this is that more popular or mainstream items have replacement or repair parts more readily available than obscure ones. Some ceiling fan parts can be replaced or repaired for much less money than buying a whole new fan. Switches, blades and remotes are easily replaced.  There are also add-on ceiling fan parts like a sloping ceiling adaptation kit and wall switches that allow for easy speed control.  Most times the add-on and replacement parts are stocked by the model number of your fan or at least the manufacturer, like Hunter or Emerson.  Make sure to know that before buying anything to enhance or fix your fan.

Ceiling Fans add a touch of style, heating and cooling efficiency and sometimes light.  Changing the direction that the blades spin can keep you cool in the summer and warmer in the winter.  When looking for the best fan or fans for your house, deciding on the color, style and options can help you pick out the one that youll enjoy for many years. With your new fan, your friends will either think you are the coolest, or are really hot stuff!

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