Finding the Best Carpet Installation

Carpet installation takes planning and comparing prices to make it a smooth process.  Your first job is to measure the area that you need to carpet.  Once you know the square footage that will help with calculating the carpet installation cost.  Many times the store or service will want to verify the measurements that you supply before they do the work.  That way they can evaluate the area to make sure there isn't any damage or special equipment needed to do the job.

While it is obvious that carpet is a part of the carpet installation cost, what is actually included in the price may vary from place to place, but as a rule these services can be expected.  Carpet installation involves removing old carpet and preparing the area by sweeping it before placing the pad and the new carpet.  Usually, after the carpet is installed, vacuuming of the newly carpeted area is included.  Removal of the debris from the installation area will be done and removal of the old carpet can be done as well, but there may be an additional cost for that from some stores.  That is something to ask about prior to agreeing to the installation, so there are no surprises after the carpet is put into your house.

When the installers arrive at your house they will have some carpet installation tools to make the job go smoothly.  Things like a knee kicker, a power stretcher, a utility knife and perhaps a stair tool are some of the tools needed for installation.  A knee kicker is a hand held tool that has teeth that can be adjusted for the depth of the carpet on one end.  You bump it with your knee to help stretch the carpet. A power stretcher is a larger tool than the knee kicker, but it is the same principle.  It reaches from one wall to the next to press the carpet into place.  A stair tool is designed to help lay the carpet on stairs by pushing or tucking it into the back of each stair.

Carpet installation tools can be purchased at places like Home Depot, Lowes and Harbor Freight.  If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, then this will save some money with the installation costs.  While it will save you money, you have to make sure that you are able to do the work involved in the installation.  Pulling and hauling carpet and pressing the new one into place can be heavy and hard work, so the tools are only half of the battle.  Check out how to install a carpet correctly from online videos and articles or at your local carpet store to make sure that you are going about it the best way possible.  If you are doing the job yourself, double check your measurements before you buy the carpet because it would be unfortunate to find that you are two inches short on your carpet once you've gotten it ninety percent installed.

Carpet Installation can be done by professionals that will come with all the tools and will even remove and dispose of the existing carpet for you or you can do it yourself if you have the right tools for the job.  Being able to lift and move the carpet is necessary for the job.  Make sure you can manage the lifting before you decide to do it yourself.  Cutting the carpet into sections may be an easier way to remove the old one, but you probably don't want to piece together the new carpet or you would have gotten area rugs instead.

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