Finding the Best Car Wash

Car Washes have been a part of our society for many years.  From the first ones where people washed cars by hand from bumper to bumper to the high tech ultrasonic car washes of today, cars can still be spic and span. The cost as well as the type of wash varies.  Car wash prices can be cheaper if you fill up your gas tank, save grocery store points or go when they have special express hours.  In spite of the automation of car washes hiring for positions of machine monitor, cashier and even drying the vehicles continues.

Car Washes are sometimes combined with other services such as gas and even oil changes or groceries in some club stores.  Discounts on the car wash might be offered for filling your gas tank or getting an oil change. If you're lucky, you may get the car wash for free. This model works well for the services there because the customers are enticed to go for one service and may be convinced to access more than (s)he originally planned.  The potential drawback to this is that the more services offered the more money it may cost to get a wash. 

Car wash prices can range from a few dollars that you feed to the do-it-yourself spray washes to twenty dollars or more for the ultrasonic cleaning with interior vacuuming and undercarriage wash with spray on wax, etc.  When you drive up to an automated car wash there is a menu of services that you can choose from a la carte or in packages.  If you want all or the majority of the services in the package, then it may be worthwhile to bundle them, but if you only want one or two choices, then an individual service choice might be the best way to go. Some car washes offer express washes at certain hours like directly after work through dinner time.  During these times, you may pay a flat rate for the wash, but your choices of packages might be limited in the interest of getting people through the wash quickly and on their way.

Although most are open all through the year, when it gets warmer car washes hiring for more volume may provide opportunities for high school and college students looking for work.  The wage may or may not be competitive with other positions, but being able to work outside when the weather is nice can be a perk.  Also, some have an inside walkway that the customer can walk through while their car goes through the car wash.  Products like leather cleaner and air fresheners are available for purchase and then the cashier is the last stop before getting back into the clean and mostly dry vehicle.  These positions are inside with air conditioning, but involve more customer service skills.

Car Washes are a popular way to keep your car free from road grime and other build up from trees and bird droppings.  Going to a do-it-yourself car wash may be a quick option, but you are doing the washing.  If you want the shiny look of the car washed car, but do not wish to do the scrubbing, then an automated car wash is a good choice.  Paying for more services such as interior vacuuming and waxing can also be an option depending on the car wash.  If you are not interested in paying the higher price for the automation or you just enjoy washing your car and admiring the result of your hard work, then break out a bucket and some clean rags and have at it.

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