Finding the Best Bridal Shops

Just get engaged?  Then, its time to check out the local bridal shops for all your wedding needs from that special dress, accessories and other items that you may not have even thought of as yet.  Small bridal shops and bridal specialty shops both can offer good deals and personal attention. But, these shops may have limited inventory, so it may also be a good idea to look at the bigger chain stores, as well.  

Some brides want to go to a store that offers other lines like bridesmaid gowns and mother of the bride dresses.  This one-stop shopping can be very convenient. If you happen to have members of your bridal party that live far away from you, out of state perhaps, then a chain of stores such as Davids Bridal may be a good option because the dresses can be purchased at the local stores and even fitted there, if you choose. Other brides want a more intimate process and are willing to possibly pay a bit more for the small bridal shops that are in the area.  Many times these small stores also can hold a special place for the bride or her family, like her mother also bought her dress from that store, etc.  In addition, there may be altering services offered right there and other occasion dresses like prom or graduation can offer potential bridesmaids gowns that are a slightly different style than a traditional gown.  Some small shops are also actually designers and then you can have the benefit of having your gown only made for you.

Bridal specialty shops sound like they need to be a store that only sells those specific items related to weddings, but the up-to-date versions can also be found within other department stores.  For example, Nordstrom offers wedding gowns and dresses as well as a wedding stylist that works with you and your bridesmaids in a wedding suite.  You can have fittings for all your wedding party, including the groomsmen and the tailoring can even be done in-house at the Nordstrom stores.  If you want beauty and spa treatments, like having a hair consultation or a manicure and pedicure, as a part of the wedding preparations, then this may be an option at some stores, as well.  How about a lingerie fitting?  Some places will offer some help in picking out just the right night apparel if you wish.

Some bridal shops will even offer reception decoration items for rent.  If you envision beautiful vases or lamps on the tables, chair coverings that reflect the lace design on your dress or add that elegant touch, you can rent them.  This is a nice service, but just always keep your budget in mind and shopping at other rental places may also yield the same types of items at equal or cheaper prices.  Now could be the time to become a comparison shopper with the plethora of choices for services, dresses and tuxedo rentals because even though multiple vendors are not as convenient, when you are thinking about spending a good deal of money on your wedding, then every penny may count.

Bridal shops, no matter what the size, offer products and services that can make your perfect wedding a dream come true from the most amazing wedding gown to exquisite table decorations and everything in between.  Brides come in all shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities and there are perfect bridal stores waiting for each one.  So, daydream about your storybook wedding and make a list of the items that will make it happen; remembering to live happily ever after

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