Finding the Best Brake Service

Brakes are a vital part of your car. In fact, having brakes that are in great working condition could draw the line between life and death. One day, you may realize that your brakes do not function as good as they used to when you first bought your car. That could be a good indication to start looking for a brake service for your car. However, finding the best brake service can be a little nerve racking if you do not have a mechanic that specializes in that department.

Brake repair can involve repairing of rotors or replacing of pads. While taking your car for brake service, you would naturally be concerned about the cost of carrying out such a repair. The cost of repair depends on various factors, such as the kind of damage present and the repairs needed to get everything back to good working order. To avoid being ripped off, you should be aware of certain things about brake service.

Some auto shops will do anything to get you into their shop. They can use unscrupulous methods such as advertising about non-existent discounts and "specials" that you will not find when you drive there. Many people then find it difficult to leave without having their car checked out even after they find out that the price reduction advertised in print and electronic media was a hoax. All it takes is for you to get into your car and leave because it does not augur well by you dealing with a dishonest mechanic.

Some mechanics can create their own imaginary problems with your brakes after giving you a discount. Therefore, you will end up not enjoying any discounts after all. You can avoid this by declining any specials or suggested repairs.

When it comes to finding the best brake service, avoid offers of a "lifetime" service. This kind of service relies on the fact that you would need to come back for repairs anytime your brakes develop problems at no extra cost. You can decide to pay only once for the service of your brakes and the cost is normally quite high. If it were any other part of the car, this would be an excellent deal. However, brakes should not undergo too much repair, as the rotors tend to wear out when you install the hard lifetime brakes. It is more expensive to replace a rotor than to replace a brake pad.

The best brake service should have qualified and professional mechanics. They should ensure that the brake system is free of dust and squeaking. You mechanic should also keep the components from rusting by applying an anti-seize compound. Some mechanics will purposely neglect to do thorough cleaning of your system to keep you coming back. If you suspect that your mechanic did that, you should find ways of making him pay by having his license revoked.

The best brake service will try to be as honest as possible. If anything is replaced, the mechanic should be able to show justification why. For example, if the brake pads of your car were replaced, the mechanic should show you the ones that were removed. If they were not visibly worn, there would be no reason to replace them and no reason for you to incur the unnecessary cost.

Finding the best brake service should not be about money but safety first. However, you should not have to pay for poor quality service. You deserve the best. You can ask your friends that have great brake service to refer you to their mechanics if you are not sure about how to find one yourself.

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