Finding and Hiring the Best Chimney Sweep

A chimney sweep cleans and inspects and often repairs chimneys.  While the chimney sweep brush has not changed much since the Mary Poppins movie, the job may not be as romantic as the movie made it look.  It takes training and understanding of the new techniques and technology available.

When searching for the best chimney sweep, begin your search with the professionals that have certification.  The certification means that the person has been trained in the technology and safety measures associated with cleaning and inspecting chimneys. A certified professional doesnt necessarily mean that the chimney sweep cost will be higher, but paying for someone who is well trained can help you to avoid serious problems, fires and other damage to your home from chimney problems.

If you look on the Chimney Safety Institute of America, the CSIA, you can search in your zip code for certified professionals in your area.  You can find out more information about current trends and technologies in the profession like video inspection. There are also some tips about choosing firewood and information about the anatomy of the chimney.  After all, it never hurts to understand a bit about the chimney so that when youre told about a problem, you have some idea of the area that is being described. If you have a little knowledge about the chimney and what needs to work correctly, you may be more attuned to a contractor that is embellishing a repair. It may help you to avoid a scam because you may not easily be talked into something that you dont need.

Another way to make sure that you wont be taken in by a scam is to check if the contractor that you hire belongs to the National Chimney Sweep Guild.  To belong to the Guild, the chimney sweep has to sign a code of ethics.  This may help you to trust that they have honest work habits and could give you a fair price for their work.  Checking with Angies List may also be a good way to check the contractor out, as well.

Once you choose the contractor to do the work, you can begin with an inspection of the chimney.  It can run about sixty-five to seventy-five dollars for a normal inspection.  A cleaning is not included in the inspection cost. To clean the chimney the bristly chimney sweep brush is used as well as smaller brushes and scraping tools designed to get the build up off the chimney.  If there is too much build up, then the chance of a fire is possible. If you need repairs or to rebuild any part of the chimney then the chimney sweep cost for the visit can go up.  A four hundred dollar bill for some services can rack up fast.  Ask about any discounts like a senior discount or a repeat customer one.

Finding the best chimney sweep is important because the knowledge, training and professionalism of the contractor that does the work on your chimney is keeping you safe.  Doing yearly maintenance is recommended. With regular checking there is less chance of fire and other chimney related problems like damages to the flue and chimney cap from animals you can use your chimney without hesitation. If you check the credentials and affiliations with the National Chimney Sweep Guild verifying that you are hopefully getting an honest worker might be easier.  Getting more than one estimate for repairs can help you to get the best price for the work, but when the contractor arrives, dont expect any dancing with the brushes that probably will cost extra.