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Find the Best Restaurant Chinese in Calgary AB Canada 2019 Delivery Food Great Reviews


Are you looking to find the Best Restaurant Chinese in Calgary in 2019? Looking for Great Chinese restaurants with great reviews that deliver? Chinese restaurant may seem all the same, but you would be wrong. Depending on the type of Chinese cuisine, they prepare, you may miss out on the best Restaurant offering Chinese delicacies. After careful consideration, here is our choice.

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Chinese Restaurant in Calgary Alberta Canada is:

China Rose Restaurant
Ken Wong

228 28 Street Southeast

Calgary AB Canada, T2A 6J9


Here’s what you need to know about the restaurant who serves the best Chinese Cuisine

It is important to feed your eyes as well as your belly when you eat. There should be a relationship with the looks, smell and taste of your food. Your food should be simple and not overwhelming your plate. The color combination should beckon you to taste and enjoy. 

At the best Chinese restaurant, nothing tastes better with your food than a great glass of wine. Not all Chinese restaurants serve wine but consider the ones that do. It means they take the ambiance of their restaurant serious enough to cater to couples who want to enjoy a nice romantic meal with Chinese cuisine. 

You must know the history of some meals created primarily in the Calgary community. Ginger beef was created in the 1970s in Calgary. Hmmm, can’t you smell the ginger and imagine the taste of the delicious strips of beef? Are salads and sushi your choice for a nice meal? You can bet the best Chinese restaurant has a rich variety to go around. Envision the rice crisscrossed with Ahi-Tuna or Salmon. You don’t have to worry about MSG at this Chinese restaurant. Your digestive tract will thank you. 

Some people shy away from eating in because they prefer taking the food home so they can use the standard knives and forks. Not a problem. Where chopsticks are available for those who are skilled in their use, the best Chinese restaurants have utensils that you can dig into your tasty dishes.

More about Ken Wong and China Rose

For over 31 years the China Rose Restaurant has consistently offered mouthwatering food served in generous portions at very reasonable prices 

Ken Wong is currently the sole owner of China Rose. He started out at the age of ten years old learning the business from the backend of the house. Ken helped prep foods, and wash dishes. Once he turned thirteen, he started bussing and hosting until the age of eighteen. He became the manager at the age of twenty-two.

Ken became the owner in 2010. Over the years he has had many rewards as well as challenges. “It has taught me to be a leader to my employees by setting good examples, work ethic, and loyalty. It has taught me patience through the good and rough times of the economy. The most rewarding is the different people you get to meet in the business with the staff, with the guests and the suppliers.”

China Rose has an extensive a la carte menu for take-out or eat-in customers. Their restaurant and lounge pretty much have everything for everyone. Are you looking for a Chinese buffet with all your favorite dishes? You got it. Are you looking for take-out? It’s here. China Rose can also customize a menu for your next special occasion or even a place to go after work for cocktails in their lounge or the outdoor patio during summer months.

During all four seasons; this Rose is always in full bloom. If you've got an appetite and you delight in Chinese cuisine, then China Rose should be your restaurant of choice. We look forward to serving you.

Kim says, “Take all you can eat but eat all you can take.” Take-out should be an adventure. Another thing to remember when you come to China Rose, eating is a necessity, but creating is an art. The foods they create for you will have coming back again and again. 

Between 2018 to 2019, China Rose has been the Calgary community’s consumer choice award winner. So, for the best in Chinese eating and family-style environment, come to China Rose.

Best Restaurant Chinese in Calgary