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Want to find the best Mexican catering near you? Need Mexican catering services for a local event or wedding? If you want to find your community's Best business catering Mexican food, it's best to ask around. People who have the best catering business know how to focus on customers ' needs. Fresh, tasty, and authentic Mexican food is preferred over fast-food cuisine.

What Kind of Event Are You Planning?

Family Events

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Graduations
  • Showers
  • Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah

Corporate Events

Fundraisers and Galas


The demand for Mexican cuisine is up there along with Chinese, French, Italian and good old-fashion American. Even dressed in a tuxedo and gown, your guest will enjoy the spicy and flavorful taste of Mexican cuisine selected and catered for your event. Many caterers learn from their older family members to prepare delicious homemade food. Their elders shared some information about the selection of ingredients, temperature, and preparation time.

What makes them an authentic Mexican Catering business?

As you review their menus, interview them about the ingredients they use in their foods. Review the following information to help you understand more about the ingredients and preparation of Mexican foods.

Fresh Cilantro

The best caterers always use fresh cilantro. The reason for this preference is dried cilantro has limited (if any) flavor. As the cook prepares the cilantro, they do not remove all the little individual leaves from the stems. Tender cilantro stems contain great flavor, and using the stems and leaves together, add great taste. The roots and any hard stems are removed, and the remainder is chopped up just before adding it to the dish.

Mexican Dishes call for Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice

Lime juice brightens many flavors. Limes or Key Limes are squeezed over sweet and many savory dishes: grilled meats, fruits, vegetable salads, soups, drinks. It also adds flavor to all kinds of tacos. Have you tried lime juice squeezed over your potato chips? Lime juice balances and enhances the flavors, so use it liberally. Warning…do not use bottled juice, only Fresh squeezed.

To Lard or Not to Lard

One of the questions you must ask an authentic Mexican caterer is, "Do you use pork lard in your ingredients?" if you do not eat pork, ask them to substitute a more vegan cooking oil. Be forewarned, this will change the taste of the food. Pork lard, as an old fashion ingredient, was thought to have no health value. Some nutritionists are rethinking this as they rediscover natural properties in pork lard. The wonderful flavor created by pork lard in many dishes attributes to the delicious taste of your food.  Steer clear of the hydrogenated lard in the form of the processed vegetable shortening. Get some real, all-natural pork lard from markets that specialize it. 

Let the Flavors Speak

While a modest amount of melted cheese and/or sour cream can certainly add zing to a dish, too much will overwhelm the other flavors and turns a dish that is otherwise interesting into something that is practically tasteless. For the spice cumin, a common caveat applies. Ground cumin is often used in Tex-Mex dishes, but whole cumin seed is used much more commonly within Mexico itself. Use should be used sparingly. It can overpower other ingredients with its strong flavor.

In this Corner-Piloncillo

Piloncillo, a sweetener produced by pouring unrefined cane juice into molds and drying it. Piloncillo is a staple ingredient in many Mexican dishes. Ask if they the piloncillo is dissolved to liquid form or do they grate it create a powder ingredient.

These are just a few of the many wonderful ingredients used in Mexican dishes. You can also ask whether they use canned versus dry beans. The amount of chilis are used in each dish. This will determine how spiciness of the dish. Keep in mind, that hot peppers contain capsaicin.  When looking for the Best Mexican Caterer in your community, do not leave out the food trucks. They also add catering as part of their business services. Their prices may be less expensive, and still offer equally tasty cuisine.

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